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When Should I Take These Superfoods For Hair Growth?

If your hair is slow to grow, won’t grow past a certain length, is thin or falling out, and you want to see quick💨 results, try our hacks to maximise the effects of these awesome Bursts.


Turmeric has been proven to significantly reduce redness, flaking and scaling on skin of the scalp. A healthy scalp means hair that is stronger and less likely to fall out. These effects calm down the gut lining too (our inner skin) which means we can absorb nutrients better. Win, win!

Have our heirloom Sri Lankan Turmeric on an...

Should I Take Chlorella Or Biotin Hair Supplements?

If you’ve got hair that’s falling out, slow to grow, thin or breaking it’s worth looking at reasons this might be happening before picking a supplement.

Nutrient deficiencies

You need iron, zinc, biotin, copper and Vitamin B12 for longer, thicker hair. Taking our Chlorella daily can top you up in all these naturally. Biotin is popular as it helps strengthen the keratin in hair, helping it break less. However, deficiency is not common (unlike iron deficiency!), so this is not a guaranteed reason for hair troubles.

Toxins that trigger hormonal changes

Daily exposure to toxins...

Should I Take Spirulina or Iron Tablets?

Iron deficiency is the most common nutrient disorder in the world and symptoms include: tiredness, pale skin, loss of appetite, headaches, dizziness, heart palpitations, brittle nails and hair fall. If this sounds familiar, you may have been recommended iron pills.

Let's look at some facts:


Top Foods To Fight Cellulite

Cellulite consists of visible fat deposits that poke through weakened connective fibres under the skin. Toxin build-up exacerbates it because they enlarge fat cells! Use these nourishing foods to fight the orange peel effect.⁠


Broccoli contains sulphur compounds that support detoxification and is high in Vitamin C, which is the vital co-factor to produce collagen in the skin. Lightly steam to preserve the nutrients.⁠


Chlorella supports the body in detoxifying and eliminating dioxins, heavy metals, pesticides, alcohol and other toxins. When we get overloaded with these toxins, our bodies store them away in fat...

What superfoods should I take for Peri-menopause?

Women can start experiencing peri-menopausal symptoms (such as fatigue, loss of libido, hot flashes, irritability, skin dryness) up to 10 years before their last period 😳⁠

Here are our top picks of how to support your body through this gradual reduction in estrogen and progesterone, manage symptoms and to help avoid early menopause.⁠

  • Maca nourishes the pituitary gland (our ‘master gland’) which stimulates the rest of the glands in the body to produce hormones at the correct levels. By optimising your natural hormone levels, the fluctuations that cause peri-menopausal symptoms will flatten out. So...



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Spirulina Iron Tablets
✅ Natural source of iron. ❌ Isolated nutrient.
✅ Whole food that's easily digested.
❌ Can cause stomach upset and constipation.
✅ Contains co-factors that aid absorption.
❌ Often poorly absorbed.