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8 Signs Your Hormones Are Imbalanced

Fluctuations in hormone levels, caused by diet, stress, plastics, medications can trigger any and all of these symptoms, and more!

Common causes:

  • Sugar and fast carbs – When one hormone is overproduced in the body, other hormones suffer, as they all work together in a delicate balance. Sweet foods, refined carbs and coffee all cause a big surge in the hormone insulin. Over time, this can result in low levels of vital hormones like progesterone and testosterone.
  • Weight gainExcess body fat starts to produce its own hormones! The more fat we...

Should I Take Spirulina In Powder Or Tablets?

This is such a great question, which we hear again and again from Bursters wanting to optimise on the awesome benefits of our Spirulina. So, here’s the scoop👇⁠

Firstly, both our powder and tablets contain exactly the same single ingredient - our 100% pure and Certified Organic Spirulina. 💯Our farm uses a special machine that compresses the Spirulina into tablets without requiring any binders or fillers.⁠

Choose Organic Burst Spirulina Powder for quick absorption and these instant benefits:⁠

  • An energy boost⁠
  • Clearing brain fog⁠
  • Curbing cravings, 1tsp when you feel the craving⁠
  • Preventing overeating, take...

Top Plant-Based Sources Of Omega-3

To function at your best mentally, maintain healthy eyes, skin and heart❤️, and protect against inflammatory conditions, Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) are vital. Since our bodies cannot make them, we need to eat foods containing these fats to stay healthy.⁠

These awesome plant-based sources provide good levels of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), an Omega-3 fat that is then converted to EPA and DHA (the fats we use for our cell membranes) in the liver.

Aim to eat at least couple of portions of these top sources daily and check out our tips below for optimizing the conversion.⁠


Which Superfoods Should I Take For My Thyroid?

Which Superfoods Should I Take For My Thyroid?

A healthy thyroid gland means more energy, easier weight loss and often the disappearance of symptoms like dry skin, heavy periods and hair loss.

Here’s our guide to the superfoods that can help support your thyroid:⁠


Chlorella contains selenium, zinc, iron and Vitamin A that are all essential to thyroid health. It also contains B Vitamins that help the body utilise iodine – a very important nutrient for the thyroid (you can incorporate sea vegetables like nori into your diet to get iodine).⁠

Hypothyriodism is a common condition, where the body does not produce...

Should I Take Wheatgrass Or Spirulina?

These powerful super-greens both give incredible results, you can take them both together or use this handy guide to figure out which one is best for you:⁠

Weight loss

Wheatgrass is packed with chlorophyll that can increase weight loss and reduce waist circumference (Appetite, 2014) and fibre that can curb a large appetite. Spirulina has been found to increase insulin sensitivity – meaning you process energy from food more effectively and store less as fat.⁠

Curbs cravings

Our Spirulina is rich in highly absorbable protein, this helps to keep you going for longer between meals. The...