The Effects of Coffee vs Matcha

Drinking coffee gives you an incredibly uplifting buzz. Buuut… is it worth the side effects? No way! Not when you can have Matcha instead.⁠

Coffee triggers our ‘fight or flight’ stress response, which releases sugar (=energy) into our blood to help us deal with danger. The knock-on effect is the jitters, where you can’t think straight or function properly; you may also get nauseous.⁠

Research shows just 1 cup of coffee spikes our stress hormones (Journal of Brain and Cognition, 2003). As the body processes the caffeine, adrenaline and blood sugar come down, and the result is an energy nose-dive that causes anxiety!⁠

Caffeine also interferes with our levels of Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) – a neurotransmitter often called “nature’s Valium” that makes us feel calm, relaxed and happy.⁠⁠ Low levels have been linked to anxiety and panic attacks.⁠

Coffee contributes to the acid load we are under thanks to alcohol, sugars, processed grains and meat. Our bodies use up minerals to reduce acid, which can weaken our bones and overwork our kidneys.⁠

If you replace coffee with Genuine Ceremonial Grade Matcha, you can still get instant energy whilst eradicating these side effects. Our Matcha contains only 1/3 of the caffeine and the effects are cancelled out by L-theanine, an amazing nutrient that lowers anxiety and increases social confidence.⁠

  • L-Theanine has been found to increase alpha brain waves by up to 75%. This can make you feel calm and settled, while being alert, super productive and creative! ⁠
  • Studies have also shown Matcha's ability to lower blood sugar levels (the opposite effect of coffee) so your energy will remain stable and never crash like it does after coffee!⁠
  • The electric green of our Matcha is a sign it is packed with chlorophyll, the highly alkalising antioxidant pigment.⁠
  • Our organic family Matcha farmers pick only the top 4 leaves of the tea plant during the very 1st spring harvest – a different league from lower grade Matcha sold in coffee shops and stores.⁠

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