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Golden Moon Milk

Golden Moon Milk

Our soothing and settling Golden Moon Milk is the perfect antidote to a hectic day with incredible ingredients to help de-stress, feel grounded, sleep better and bring the body into balance.

The Ayurvedic tradition of drinking warm milk at bedtime to ground the body is our inspiration for this recipe. And we’re taking it up to an even more functional level by adding the golden benefits of our Turmeric and adaptogenic MacaCombining all the yumminess and awesome effects of a...

Top Post-Pregnancy Superfoods

Top Post-Pregnancy Superfoods

After having my little boy, the postpartum anxiety was crippling. I was happy and in love with my baby and had lots of family help, but still every little thing overwhelmed me. Every. Little. Thing.

I couldn’t make the simplest decisions. Once I forgot to bring a particular cardigan for him when we were going for a walk. Despite having another one and plenty of blankets, I was beside myself and there were plenty of tears. Crazy hey?

I can definitely compare my experience of postnatal anxiety with premenstrual mood swings. You know that it’s not rational...

Which Superfoods Are Best For Fertility?

Which Superfoods Are Best For Fertility?

Get your body prepped by dealing with hormonal imbalances, supporting your organs and making sure you’re optimally nourished for conception and pregnancy.
  • Eat these foods for a better chance of conceiving.
  • Simple daily changes for healthier eggs and sperm.
  • How to include essential fertility nutrients in your everyday diet?

Sperm and eggs take 3 months to grow and mature so it’s ideal to start a nutritional programme to support conception well before you start trying, we’d suggest around 6 months or longer if you can wait!

Improving the quality and health of the sperm and...

6 Reasons To Take Cinnamon For Hormonal Balance

6 Reasons To Take Cinnamon For Hormonal Balance

Energy, fertility, sleep, appetite (and more) are all controlled by a fine-tuned system of hormones, which is why imbalances and fluctuations can trigger all kinds of symptoms.

1. Burns stubborn belly fat and aids weight loss

Belly fat is a sign of an over-production of insulin, which takes excess sugar out of the blood and stores it in fat cells - predominantly on the abdomen.

Cinnamon increases sensitivity to insulin and a study from 2017 found that taking 3g (1tsp) per day resulted in significant decreases in waist circumference compared with the placebo group (Lipids in Health...

The Best Superfoods For Pets

The Best Superfoods For Pets

If you want to see your pet bounce around like they’re one again, with healthy skin, a glossy coat and happy tummy, these are our top choices to help give your little companions a big boost!


Our Chlorella has a cracked cell wall, releasing 2x more nutrients, which include iron, Vitamin B6 and B12, biotin and copper that nourish the skin and encourage softer, shinier fur growth.

It can detox heavy metals from processed pet food, pollution and medications. Plus, it helps digestion and gut bacteria which can combat smelly breath and farts!⁠





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