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When To Take These Superfoods For Hormonal Balance?

Menstrual symptoms? Stress? Moodiness? Breakouts? We’ve combined our 4 most popular Bursts for hormone-related symptoms into our Hormonal Balance Bundle.⁠ Here’s how to take the bundle for maximum effect:⁠


This powerful adaptogenic root nourishes the pituitary gland (our master gland) to stimulate our bodies to produce hormones at the correct levels. This includes sex hormones, so it’s fantastic for menstrual symptoms, as well as stress hormones, that can rise thanks to life pressures and coffee intake.⁠

  • Maca is best absorbed with food, have 1 serving with breakfast to set you up for...

Which Superfoods Are Best For Teenagers

Whether it’s moods😣, skin breakouts, or crashing anxiety, you can support your teens through these transitional years with targeted Superfood nutrition!


There are some epic hormonal changes going on through the teenage years⚡. Maca nourishes the pituitary (our master gland) to stimulate the body to produce hormones at the correct levels for both boys and girls. This can reduce fluctuations that cause symptoms like moodiness, PMS, cramps and breakouts.

Anxious or stressed? Maca is associated with lowering stress hormones. Start a daily serving a few weeks before exams📝!



Top Collagen Boosting Foods

If plump 🍑 supple skin is what you dream of, optimising your body’s natural collagen levels is the key.

Collagen gives our skin structure, elasticity and ‘bounce’ 🏐, and sadly it dwindles as we age😞. It is a protein molecule made up of amino acids, predominantly glycine and proline. Our body makes collagen through a series of reactions 💥 that use enzymes, and the vital nutrient needed for these specific enzymes is Vitamin C, plus some zinc and copper.⁠


Consisting of 70% easily absorbed protein, this awesome algae provides the essential amino acids...

Should I take Maca or Chlorella?

We regularly get feedback on the life-changing effects of these two awesome Bursts that simply blows us away! Here’s a lowdown on their key benefits to help choose which is right for you.👇


If you’re under stress, have a diet high in sugars and fast carbs, drink a lot of caffeine or are/have been on hormonal contraception, or antibiotics, your hormones could be all over the place and causing the issues listed here, and more!

Maca is a powerful root that works by nourishing our “master gland” - the pituitary, helping it...

Top Hacks To Reverse Grey Hair

Are you feeling cheated by Mother Nature because a few too many greys are appearing, and a little too soon for your liking?

It’s considered normal to start seeing grey hairs from around the age of 30, and by age 50 around 50% of your hair is likely to be grey. But, research shows several key reasons for premature greying, which means you can do something about it. Phew!

We’re going to share our top hacks for supporting the cells of your hair follicles to maximise your colour, slow down, and even reverse grey hair:

Causes of Early...