Know Your Source

By choosing Organic Burst you know you’re supporting only wholesome activities

You’re helping change lives of hundreds of local people that grow and harvest your Bursts + preserve the wildlife and plant-life in the areas where they come from.

...And of course you’re nourishing your body with the purest, most powerful ancient foods.

Each of your Bursts is sourced directly - from unique organic farms who look after their communities, their nature and wildlife. This is sadly by large not an industry standard as most superfoods are just sourced via a reseller (who takes a large portion of the price you pay).

Organic Burst is a social enterprise - our profits are continuously reinvested into sourcing only the highest quality ancient ingredients... directly from amazing organic harvesters and communities.

Win-win for all!

Our Maca

Supporting Indigenous Communities in the Poorest Region of Peru

Organic Burst Maca is cultivated on a land fully owned and harvested by a community of 120 indigenous families, direct descendants of the Inca who still speak the language of the Inca - Quechua - and have preserved their unique traditions, culture and national dress. They live at extreme altitudes of 13,000-14,500 ft (4,000-4,300 m) above sea level in Huancavelica, the poorest province of Peru with very few opportunities.

Creating Hundreds of Jobs, Improving Diets and Reunited Families

Organic maca cultivation has provided an incredible support for this community, creating over 300 jobs, improving their diets and livelihoods and reuniting families as the young generation is coming back here to work together with their parents. There is so much barren land around that many more jobs are set to be created here now and nearby communities are wishing to join too!

These life-changing improvements to this community are possible thanks to our Bursters enjoying the goodness of the Maca! TOGETHER WE CAN HELP CHANGE MANY MORE LIVES!

Our Acai

Changing Lives of The Acai Harvesters and Their Families in the Amazon

Organic Burst Acai is harvested by the amazing local people that live (and thrive!) in the jungle of the Brazilian State of Para - they actually own and harvest their own Acai trees!

Thanks to all of you Bursters, these awesome local harvesters (acai entrepreneurs!), can now gain life-changing income for their families (and get paid 10x more per basket than they used to before!). Many of our harvesters have built better homes and are now able to provide their children with good education.

Our Acai Rainforest Is Now Protected From Deforestation

Because of the demand for ethical Acai - the majestic palm trees in the area of the Amazon rainforest - where Organic Burst Acai is grown - are no longer being chopped for 'palmitos’ (palm hearts) and are now protected by the government. The forest has been left to the communities in its entirety who make a living from harvesting acai that grows on the palms. This preserves the precious trees, the emerald forest and saves the habitat of an amazing variety of plants and animals!

Caring for the Amazon and Its Wildlife

Throughout the whole year our harvesters care about the acai rainforests with much love and devotion. In return the rainforest brings great benefits and incredible changes to their daily lives.

They only pick a certain amount of acai at a time, always leaving enough berries for the small wild animals (that co-habit the rainforest) to feed on. The colorful toucans who eat the berries - spit out the seeds while in flight. This in turn spreads the gracious palm trees across larger areas.

Our Baobab

Changing Lives of Local People in Africa

By buying Organic Burst Baobab, you’re helping provide life-changing income for poor village communities in Malawi. We work with PhytoTrade Africa, a non-profit organization that aims to eliminate poverty through a sustainable and ethical baobab trade. Organic Burst Baobab comes from organic reserves where the harvesters are paid a premium price. As the baobab trade grows local harvesters are able to build their homes and offer their children school education.

Preserving The Majestic Baobab Trees and Biodiversity

Baobab trees live for over 1000 years and are cherished by people across Africa. With Organic Burst you can be sure that these stunning trees are never over-harvested and their entire ecosystem is protected. PhytoTrade Africa also ensures the global best forestry techniques are in place so that the supply of baobab is managed sustainably for the long term.

Our Chlorella & Spirulina

An Ideal Location for the Cleanest Chlorella & Supreme Spirulina

We’ve searched the whole world for the cleanest and most powerful chlorella & spirulina and we found them! We source directly from an amazing small organic farm in green Southern Taiwan, surrounded by beautiful dense rainforests. Our Chlorella & Spirulina grow outdoors in bright sunshine (even in winter!), pure air and crystal clear mineral water. We love our farm, the Tawu mountains nearby and the kind, sincere and humble people that work here.

Free From Any Toxins, Cheap Fillers & Heavy Metals

Chlorella & Spirulina can absorb toxins from their environment, that's why it’s crucial that they are grown in controlled and super pure conditions. An analysis of 17 chlorella products in U.S. retail stores by Natural News revealed that many of them had high levels of heavy metals as well as containing cheap harmful fillers!

Sadly there are no regulations that require companies to test chlorella & spirulina for heavy metals, radiation and toxins! So by spending your hard-earned cash and taking these superfoods you could actually be intoxicating yourself and not detoxifying!

Samples of chlorella from Taiwan were found to be the cleanest and purest in the world. Our Chlorella & Spirulina are tested at every stage of cultivation and production and are completely free from heavy metal contamination, BMAA, algal toxins and radiation. You can be sure you are doing yourself only 100% good!

Great for the Environment, Soil & the Entire Ecosystem

Unlike many Spirulina products ours is grown without any Chilean Nitrate – a mined fertiliser used by many Spirulina farms to increase yield. Chilean Nitrate is banned by organic standards as an environmental contaminant, polluting soil and sea life and there are concerns about its side effects on human health too. Our spirulina is grown with only plant-based organic fertilisers that are produced on the farm itself.

Spirulina & Chlorella are green foods in every way! They're amazing for the environment and their production needs less energy per kilo than that of soy, corn, or bovine protein. Spirulina & Chlorella are huge oxygen producers, even more efficient than trees and forests in absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen.

Our Chia

The Perfect Location for a Super Powerful Chia

Organic Burst Chia is grown in the Gran Chaco region in South America, 400 meters above sea level. This dry forest provides highly fertile soil, optimal rainfall and high altitude, which make it ideal for growing amazing chia seeds with a high percentage of plant-based omega-3 fatty acids!

Creating Jobs and Providing Life-Changing Income and Skills

Chia seeds are an ancient crop of Central and South America. Through our direct trade with our chia farm, we helping bring more freedom to the local people through a life-changing income and increasing awareness of the importance of organic farming. Because of chia they are now no longer dependent on the 4 global price sensitive crops of wheat, rice, corn and soy.

Our chia farm provides year-round employment to the people of one of the poorest regions of South America with over 45% living below the poverty line on just USD $2 per day. Through our farm alone over 80 jobs have been created.

Environmental Impact of Our Chia

Organic Burst Chia is cultivated on land that has never seen the use of pesticides, by farmers dedicated to organic farming. So our Chia is not only amazing for you but it also gives back to the entire planet through supporting biological diversification! Our farms have seen an increase in the number of honeybees in the area!

Our Wheatgrass

Grown in the Pristine New Zealand Countryside

You know you’re getting the most amazing quality wheatgrass when it’s a pure deep green + tastes like green tea (and a little bit sweet!). That’s what you folks continuously say about our Wheatgrass. It’s grown outdoors on an organic farm - in the heart of the pristine New Zealand countryside (many Wheatgrass products today come from China). In this serene corner of the South Island there is no pollution, no industry… only the cleanest water, the purest air and green fields.

Nourishing the Soil For a Super Powerful Wheatgrass

Our beautiful organic farm uses amazing organic cultivation techniques - such as enhancing the soil microbiology with beneficial bacteria. Between harvests our farmers grow powerful nutrient-dense herbs here that boost the nutrients in our wheatgrass. As a result you receive the supreme quality wheatgrass, higher in chlorophyll and other nutrients.

Planting Trees & Caring for The Wildlife

Our farmers deeply care for the biodiversity surrounding the farm. They run a programme of tree planting and enhancing the biodiversity, which has made the place a delight! As a result the numbers of the native fish species and brown trout have increased greatly over the years in the creeks!


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