When To Take These Superfoods To Feel Less Overwhelmed?

If you’re feeling worried, stressed, overwhelmed, insecure or irritable, try these tips to optimize on the benefits of our Inner Strength and Happiness Bundle🎉:⁠


Maca nourishes the adrenal glands to normalise levels of stress hormones, including cortisol. ⁠🙏 A 2006 study in the International Journal of Biomedical Science stated that the effects of Maca led to “a significant decrease in blood cortisol levels”.⁠

"I deal with PP [post-partum] depression and anxiety with a combo of GAD [generalised anxiety disorder]. I can seriously not say enough good things about Maca.”
❤️ @mrsprincesspeach⁠ on Instagram

    How to?

    👉 Take with your breakfast to start off your day calm and grounded. Add 1tsp to your oatmeal, granola, or stir into warm plant mylk with a dash of maple syrup. Alternatively choose our handy capsules.⁠


    Turmeric has been proven in studies to increase positivity and give you strength when feeling overwhelmed.⁠⁠ (Source: Neurotoxicity Research, 2018).😎 Take an extra serving if you’re feeling anxious or unsettled.

    “They're helping me with anxiety, depression, pain..”
    ❤️ Amanda @hippie_mama_of_multiples⁠ on Instagram

    How to?

    👉 Have before lunch or dinner to maximise speedy absorption. It’s also great to take an extra serving if you’re having a moment of feeling overwhelmed. Simply stir 1tsp into plant mylk with a dash of your preferred sweetener, or take x4 of our pure capsules.⁠


    If you’re a coffee-drinker, our Genuine Ceremonial Grade Matcha contains only 1/3 of the caffeine of coffee and the effects are cancelled out by L-theanine, an amazing nutrient that lowers anxiety. You get energy without the jitters!⁠

    “Matcha has helped me with my anxiety greatly.” 
    ❤️ Kimberly @kimberlyh_b on Instagram

    How to? 

    👉 Have instead of your morning coffee or afternoon pick-me-up (or both!) – simply whisk ½ tsp into half a cup of hot water. Or use plant mylk if you prefer a frothy drink!⁠


    Our pure antioxidant-rich algae can counteract free radicals and toxins that affect mood and mindset.⁠ Research has found Chlorella to significantly improve symptoms of depression and anxiety (Source: Complementary Therapies in Medicine, 2015).⁠

    “Ever since I started taking your Chlorella my anxiety has vanished”
    ❤️ @ali_syed_1235 on Instagram

    How to? 

    👉 Have before bed to maximise its incredible support for our detoxification organs (they do most of their work overnight). Mix 1tsp Chlorella powder into a green smoothie or lemon water, or take x4 pure tablets.⁠

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