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“Being a Burster is like discovering a new and amazing path for myself. Thank you for your products and inspiration”

Dany @pixie_dust1912, Organic Burst customer on Instagram

The Most
Powerful Natural Foods

We search the globe for the most powerful ancient foods. You receive them in the most effective and pure state & start feeling amazing!

Helping Ethical Farmers &
Our Planet

Organic Burst is a social enterprise - our profits are reinvested to source the highest quality foods directly from small ethical and organic growers and harvesters. A win-win for all.

The Latest
Inspirational Knowledge

Get inspired on your health journey with the most forward-thinking expert knowledge and tips + ancient wisdom + free delicious recipes.

Humble Beginnings

Organic Burst was launched in 2011 by our founders Katya and Dimi - husband and wife - after personally discovering the life-transforming benefits of pure, organic ancient foods for themselves.

Because of an innate aspiration to help others Organic Burst was founded as a social enterprise. The foundation of Organic Burst is a ‘win-win’ for all:

  1. For our Bursters all over the globe that feel their very best when enjoying our products
  2. For the amazing organic growers and harvesters we work with and their communities
  3. For the soil, wildlife and biodiversity that are preserved and nurtured

Each of our ingredients is sourced directly (as opposed to through a wholesaler or reseller!) supporting small ethical producers or cooperatives of small-scale growers and harvesters. We spend a long time identifying and researching each producer before we work with them - to ensure they preserve their environment and their local communities. No trade offs.

Our founders have dedicated years to learning, researching and discovering the true way to live a healthy, harmonious and joyful life. Organic Burst is a life-long project to help transform the wellbeing of people across the world.

Today Organic Burst has become a global movement - with over 360,000 Bursters on social media and customers in 105 countries across the world. 

For all of us at OB, living healthy and inspiring others is a sincere dedication.

Become part of the movement!

…And remember, you too have the power to inspire others to become their best.

Get Way More Effects With The Most Powerful Foods & Preservation Techniques

Only Top Grade Ingredients

You'll only get the prime, creme de la creme, top grade superfoods with Organic Burst - so that you can experience their amazing Results In Full.

We carefully research the ideal growing location for each of our ingredients before determining where to source them from. That’s why thousands of you continuously say that you can tell a massive difference in the smell and taste of our superfoods and (most importantly!) how you feel when you take your Organic Burst.

Preserving All The Goodness

You'll always get the most benefits out of your Bursts because we use state-of-the-art and patented systems to conserve more nutrients and make our foods super easy to absorb.

Our ingredients are either raw or we use cutting edge freeze-drying, as well as traditional processes such as sun and air drying (maca and wheatgrass) that preserve a maximum amount of the goodness. No ingredients are ever treated with chemicals or heat that destroys nutrients.

Non-GMO / No Nasties / No Additives Ever

It may be hard to believe but Organic Burst products do NOT contain any additives, chemicals, preservatives or other nasties. All our ingredients are grown organically (and Certified) - meaning they are strictly non-GMO, free from herbicides, pesticides, chemical fertilizers and any nasties…Even our tablets do not contain any binders (they’re just purely pressed together into a tablet shape!).

A Social Enterprise

Reinvesting Our Profits: Benefitting Small-Scale Producers & Preserving The Planet

Direct Trade Only

The price you pay for your Bursts brings life-changing income and supports the development of local communities around the world. That’s because we directly source all our ingredients from ethical small-scale producers and cooperatives of organic farmers (and not from bulk resellers who would take a big chunk of what you pay!).

Protecting the Soil, Wildlife and Our Blue Planet

Your Bursts only come from organic growers and harvesters that sincerely look after and preserve their lands for generations to come. They apply sustainable cultivation practices never to over-harvest their trees or deplete their soil.

They nurture the amazing wildlife that lives on their land, help increase plant and insect varieties (as opposed to destroying them with pesticides and herbicides). Organic Burst and every single partner we work with are Certified Organic.

Reinvesting Profits To Help Others

Our mission as a social enterprise is to transform the lives of both our Bursters and the communities that harvest our ingredients: creating a win-win dynamic. Therefore, our profits are continuously re-invested towards achieving this mission.

Meet our unique harvesters & growers andDiscover how you’re changing lives

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Achieve a new level of feeling good with the latest discoveries and tips from some of the world’s foremost researchers in health and wellbeing. We’ve interviewed the global authorities on Earthing, molds, breathing,
gluten-free living, unheard of powers of water and more topics to help you be your best.

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Yes, you can make every day of your health journey delicious (and forget the bland calorie-counting diets!). From savory to sweet, easy or creative – you'll continuously have new amazing recipes to inspire you to eat healthy while still enjoying cake, ice-cream and cocktails!

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