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Organic Burst superfoods are real, nutrient-dense foods that make you the most energized, focused, fit and glowing version of yourself!

…And you don’t need to restrict yourself to a bland calorie-counting diet! On your Organic Burst journey you can enjoy your favorite desserts, smoothies, power balls and other yummy recipes! That’s because your body is fed the right nutrients it actually needs and craves for.


“I have so much more energy without even taking coffee! And my skin is really a lot better since I have been taking Organic Burst products. And I really have less cravings. The products are amazing” @moon9898

Here's what other Bursters have achieved and so can you:

Good digestion and a happy flat tummy

Lose weight & stop sugar cravings

Clear and glowing skin

Energy without caffeine or sugar

Sharp focus, alertness and brain power

Get more from your workouts without chemical supplements

Recover quickly after the gym

Detoxification from chemicals in food and pollution from the air we breathe

Feeling fresh after eating out and partying

Support for your immune system

“I love love love mine! Ordered them a few weeks ago and my energy level is amazing. Spirulina also rid me of my cravings!! So needless to say I’ve been dropping pounds. I’d recommend this to anyone!! Two sisters purchased this also and they know exactly what I’m talking about now!!”



Yes! That’s because each of our superfoods delivers a wide array of powerful nutrients from vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, fibre and much more goodness all in one!

Moreover as Organic Burst are natural wholesome foods (as opposed to supplements made in the lab) your body actually ‘understands’ and quickly absorbs all the goodness, making you feel amazing!

…So the bonus of having Organic Burst means you don’t need to take lots of different supplements that may not be absorbed well and contain nasty additives.

"I have seen an incredible change in my energy levels throughout the day. I don't get the "afternoon yawns" anymore! My workouts have also changed dramatically; I have more strength and endurance during cardio and with weights. My skin, hair, and metabolism have all improved a great deal since using #organicburst!" Chelsea Kowalczyk, @no_flick on Instagram

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“I haven’t felt better! I have so much energy, my skin looks healthier and is glowing…It has helped tremendously!”

Rochelle @msshell08

Unlock the best version of you to finally achieve your goals! Whether you’re aiming for natural energy to make that class, enhanced productivity at school or work, weight loss, clear glowing skin or simply happiness.

We want you to feel awesome every day, not just ok!

If your life looks anything like these examples below, Organic Burst can help.

  • Do you have a crazy busy life of juggling work, kids, studying? Our chlorella contains B Vitamins and iron to help you make more energy.

  • Do you have an afternoon energy slump or crave sweets between meals? Our spirulina and wheatgrass quickly curb sweet cravings and reduce them in the long run, keeping you going between meals.

  • Do you need coffee to feel awake every morning? Get natural energy from our Energy Bundle with rebalancing maca, Vitamin C in baobab and iron in spirulina.

  • Are you often going out? Our chlorella helps your body get rid of toxins with liver and digestive support.

  • Are you under a lot of pressure from your job or at school? Give your body extra support and increase your stamina with our maca root.

  • Are you living in a polluted city, spending hours in front of your computer screen? Stay bright and radiant with polyphenols and essential fatty acids in our Acai and nourish your skin with Vitamin A in our wheatgrass.

  • Have you been feeling under the weather recently? Support your immune system with Vitamin A, Vitamin C and B12.

A whole MONTH supply of Organic Burst costs less than 2 glasses of wine!


With Organic Burst you don’t need to wait for months while constantly wondering whether that pill you’re taking is really doing you any good!

Our customers continuously say that they are buzzing naturally and feel the effects within weeks, days or even hours after starting their Organic Burst!

“bought the @OrganicBurst Energy bundle two days ago and I can already notice such an amazing difference! No longer falling asleep in my meetings (always good!) and had the energy to go rowing after a long day at work yesterday! love their products so much!!” Melissa, @bite_nutrition on Instagram

That’s because our superfoods are whole and real FOODS: indigenous plants, robust roots, fruits and superalgae created by nature itself and very nutrient dense.

The secret is also in the way our foods are grown and prepared! We search around the globe for the unique organic growers and producers that use the highest quality traditional cultivation and harvesting methods perfected by generations.

We then dry and mill them in a special way without heat or chemicals to preserve their powerful nutrients and make it easy for you to enjoy! We do not add any additives so there is nothing reacting or messing with our foods.

“I’ve only been using this for a few days now and I’m already seeing some of its benefits. I don’t know if it affects the skin but mine has been glowing! This is definitely the best maca I’ve tried!” @artemis.sunflower on Instagram

You can be confident that Organic Burst Superfoods are no latest fad promoted by the media! Each of our superfoods is tried and tested by the ancient civilizations that discovered their benefits thousands of years ago.

Today scientific studies from all over the world throughout the past 50 years, and even the World Health Organization, confirm their benefits!

  • The Pharaohs of Egypt loved wheatgrass and used it for rejuventation.

  • Baobab was used by the indigenous people of Africa in food and drinks.

  • Spirulina was cherished by the Aztec and today is recommended by the United Nations World Health Organization.

  • Scientists investigated chlorella as a wartime food source during the world wars because of its impressive nutritional profile.

  • Maca has been taken in Peru for several thousand years for energy and fertility and was cherished throughout the Inca Empire amongst others.

  • Acai berries are considered the gold of the Amazon with the native indigenous population eating Acai Cake and making fermented drinks from it.

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Are you used to seeing long lists of ingredients in your supplements with names that sound like something out of a school chemistry experiment?

It may be hard to believe but Organic Burst products do NOT contains any additives, chemicals, preservatives or other nasties. Inside every tub you’ll find only 100% pure and natural goodness.

…Even our tablets do not contain any added agents (they’re just pressed together into a tablet shape!).

We don’t need to add anything because we use state-of-the-art and patented systems to conserve more nutrients and make our superfoods easy to digest and preserve. It’s so much more difficult for us and way more expensive than adding chemicals but we believe if we can avoid it is our duty to you and our blue planet!

Experience only the goodness of nature!


“I don’t take a multivitamin. Instead I get my vitamins from @OrganicBurst products daily…When you’re getting your nutrients from superfoods they easily absorb in the body and you benefit far more” @samfrann

You get more powerful results by eating Organic Burst Superfoods, because nutrients in their whole state have a natural synergy. This means the nutrients work together to enhance each other’s jobs – it’s basically teamwork! This is the way nutrients are designed to work their best, instead of taking isolated vitamins or minerals from synthetic nutritional supplements.

And it’s so much more fun as you can create delicious healthy food with Organic Burst all day long!

Unlock your true health, feel amazing and be your best!

Who Can Take Organic Burst?

Whatever your age or issue, if you are alive, our superfoods can work for you!

Everyone from infants, pregnant & breast-feeding women, to the elderly and even your pets can benefit from our superfoods because they’re natural, whole foods, which don’t pose a problem for any age group or health condition.

There are no known drug interactions with our superfoods, but if you have a complicated health condition and are taking medications, it’s best to check with your doctor.

And join hundreds of thousands of happy Bursters from 105 countries!


You can order your superfoods here and now, so you’ll soon be feeling brilliant.

Ordering is easy from anywhere in the world and you can view all prices in your local currency.

(1) Find your perfect set of superfoods.

(2) Pay either with PayPal or your preferred card – no need to register if you’re in a hurry.

(3) Your products are packed and dispatched the same day.

“Organic Burst has the best customer service and instant replies on WhatsApp” Movi Rejepov, @movi11

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