Should I take Maca or Chlorella?

We regularly get feedback on the life-changing effects of these two awesome Bursts that simply blows us away! Here’s a lowdown on their key benefits to help choose which is right for you.👇


If you’re under stress, have a diet high in sugars and fast carbs, drink a lot of caffeine or are/have been on hormonal contraception, or antibiotics, your hormones could be all over the place and causing the issues listed here, and more!

Maca is a powerful root that works by nourishing our “master gland” - the pituitary, helping it stimulate the other glands in the body to produce hormones at the correct levels👌. This brings your whole hormonal system back into balance.

This amazing natural root does not contain external plant oestrogens (that you find in yams, black cohosh and flax), so it cannot increase “undesired” hormones. This was proven in a 2008 study where women’s symptoms improved without any increases in their testosterone or oestrogen levels (Journal of Menopause). ⁠


Chlorella has been used for its detoxification properties for decades and is proven to remove various environmental toxins, heavy metals and other harmful chemicals from the body. This action means it is incredibly effective in clearing excess hormones from the gut, preventing them from re-entering the bloodstream and causing a host of negative symptoms.

Your skin is a secondary detoxification organ, and if your body is overloaded with toxins, they show up through the skin, this can mean breakouts and flare ups, under eye bags and body odour. So by helping flush toxins from the body, Chlorella can help clear and prevent these issues! 🎉

Our Chlorella is a source of iron, zinc, biotin and true Vitamin B12 ✔️for strong, healthy, fast-growing hair. We use a patented process of cracking its tough cell wall to make these nutrients super digestible!

Clearing toxins (that cause inflammation and irritation) from the gut beats bloating and fluid retention. Plus, Chlorella helps to balance the gut flora, for regularity and smooth bowel movements.⁠

❓Can I take both? - Absolutely! We love to take the both of them together! 🙌

👉Get your pure and mighty Maca and Chlorella now! 

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