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Should I take Chlorella or Wheatgrass?

We are in love with both of these powerful super-greens. If you want clearer skin and a happy tummy, they seriously work wonders. But let’s get down to which one would work best for you and why:⁠


Chlorella is proven to grab toxins in the body and help eliminate them. It supports our own detoxification organs in dealing with alcohol, coffee, pesticides in food, pollution and even excess hormones. 

#Tip: If you suffer from an oestrogen-dominant condition like endometriosis, helping the liver and bowel clear excess oestrogen is very helpful.⁠

    Undereye bags

    As explained above,...

    Not All Chlorella Is Made Equal

    This is such an important myth to bust. Put simply, contaminated Chlorella would do more harm than good for your body, wasting your valuable time, energy and money.⁠⠀

    Chlorella is known to draw toxins from the body – grabbing them and helping your system eliminate them via the bowel. So, it makes sense that the same amazing algae absorbs all toxins, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides from the environment where it is grown!⁠

    This is why you have to be ultra-careful to choose a product that is grown in a pure environment, far from industry and non-organic farming....

    Chia One-Pot Creamy Mushroom Pasta

    Keep your tummy happy with this super easy dairy free one-pot pasta that's super creamy!

    • Organic Burst Chia seeds is bursting with tummy-friendly soluble fiber, omega-3 and complete protein.
    • Miso contains probiotics that helps in balancing your gut bacteria and improving your digestion.
    • All you need is 15 minutes to make this simple dinner!


    • 2 tablespoons Organic Burst Chia seeds
    • 1 tablespoon grapeseed oil
    • 200 g mushrooms
    • 1 shallot, diced
    • 2 garlic cloves, minced
    • 2 cups boiling water
    • 200 g gluten free spaghetti 
    • 1.25 cups cashew milk
    • ...

    4 Skin Conditions & Their Surprising Causes

    We get asked about these 4 common skin conditions all the time. Discover how to tackle their surprising underlying causes.

    Breakouts on the forehead

    If pimples appear between the eyebrows, it’s a sign that the liver may be under pressure, perhaps from too much caffeine, alcohol, or fruit sugars. Elsewhere on the forehead signals digestion issues like food intolerances and the overgrowth of “bad” gut bacteria. 


    Rosacea is linked to digestive issues including abdominal bloating, constipation and gastric reflux. Ongoing stress is also a factor because high levels of our stress hormone cortisol can trigger inflammation in...

    Low Sex Drive? Maca Can Help Boost Your Libido

    Not in the mood? Low libido is extremely common thanks to the stress of busy lifestyles, juggling career, family, fitness, social life, as well as other hormonal disruptions.⁠ 🙈⁠

    But good news: Maca increases sexual desire and has been used for both female and male fertility in Peru for thousands of years – it’s traditionally given to newlyweds because of its aphrodisiac effects. Alrighty then! ⁠☺️⁠

    In more recent years, studies have proven its sexual desire-boosting properties. A 2008 study done on mostly women aged 23-49 found significant improvements to libido and sexual dysfunction. (CNS Neuroscience & Therapeutics)⁠