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Taking Maca In The Morning vs Evening

There’s a common belief that Maca should only be taken in the morning for energy and stamina. But no, it’s also perfect in the evenings when it has the opposite effect! As it is an adaptogen, not a stimulant, Maca brings the body back into balance ⚖️.

Morning benefits ☀️

Maca nourishes the adrenal glands, helping you produce the natural cortisol surge we have in the mornings, so rising early isn’t as painful! Unlike coffee, Maca doesn’t deplete the body’s nutrient stores, and the energy boost does not dramatically drop later on.

Regularly taking Maca supports the adrenal...

Heavy Metal Detox With Turmeric & Chlorella

Toxicity from heavy metals can build up over time and can cause brain fog, headaches, skin issues, and is a factor in the development of certain degenerative diseases. Clinical therapies to remove them can have side effects, but this is a super-safe and easy way to help at home!

Turmeric can bind to heavy metals and increase protection against their negative effects. Chlorella catches toxins and removes them from the gut, while boosting natural detoxification. Take both daily to clear heavy metals.

Where do heavy metals come from?

Common sources of metals like fluoride, lead, copper and...

When To Take Superfoods For Clearing Skin

Breakouts? Redness? Skin irritations? We’ve combined our 4 most popular Bursts for clearing the skin into our Clear Skin bundle.⁠ Here are some tips to take the Bursts:⁠

  • Chlorella – Breakouts and redness can be from a build-up of toxins. Before bed, have Chlorella in a glass of water with lemon to support your body’s overnight detoxification processes.⁠

    In a study where Chlorella was added to face cream, it increased skin elasticity, moisture content and significantly decreased the depth of wrinkles – apply a paste of 1 tsp Chlorella with 1tbsp aloe vera gel, leave for...

A Checklist For The Perfect Sleep

Continuous stress, anxiety and lifestyle habits can have a negative impact on your sleep.

When you don’t get enough sleep, your immune system can’t work as efficiently to defend you from all the toxins and pathogens you encounter every day. This leads to increased risk of catching an illness.

Try our 10 top tips to help you fall sleep faster, improve the quality of sleep and wake up refreshed:

So here's our checklist

1. Cut down on caffeine

Reduce your caffeine intake and try to stop drinking any after 2pm. Research found caffeine makes it harder to fall asleep, reduces your sleep hours...

8 Amazing Alkalising Foods

Alkalising foods help to reduce the acid load that a diet containing alcohol, coffee, sodas, sugar, processed grains and meat can cause. It’s true that the body does rebalance pH naturally, but this comes at a cost to our mineral stores (bones) and puts extra pressure on our kidneys.

Benefits of going alkaline include protecting our bones, more energy, glowing skin, and lower disease risk💯. Try to have 3-4 of these amazing foods daily:

  • Matcha – The bright green of our Ceremonial Grade Matcha is a sign it’s packed with chlorophyll that has the magic...