Top 8 Easy Ways To Take Chlorella Daily

You’ve heard of the amazing benefits of chlorella superfood but are a little uneasy about its green colour and taste… Fear no more as we have collected our favourite easy and delicious ways to take it daily (and actually enjoy it).

Read this post to find out:

  • What you can actually expect when taking chlorella.
  • What makes chlorella taste fresh and pure (and what it really means when it tastes fishy).
  • Our favourite ways of taking chlorella daily (and they’re yummy).

Chlorella is a powerful supergreen food with a large number of scientifically studied health benefits. Here are just some of those benefits:

  1. Detox - chlorella cleanses from a variety of toxins: environmental toxins, pesticides from non-organic food, alcohol, heavy metals, chemicals in cosmetics and others.
  2. Clear healthy skin - chlorella contains Vitamin B2, as well as having powerful detoxification effects.
  3. Healthy gut - chlorella helps normalise the gut flora.
  4. Strong immune system - chlorella contains Vitamin B12, B6 and iron.
  5. Shiny strong hair - due to chlorella naturally containing biotin and copper (that your body loves).
  6. Helps control body weight and improves lipid metabolism.
  7. Stimulates cell renewal - get iron, Vitamin B6 and B12 that stimulate renewal of your cells and tissues. Chlorella is also a source of an incredible compound called Chlorella Growth Factor.

And with all these benefits the amazing thing is that you can take chlorella daily - as unlike lab-made supplements our chlorella is a wholesome food that is super pure and has no side effects.

>> READ below to discover the yummy and easy ways you can benefit from chlorella daily:

So How Does It Taste Then?

Chlorella is a green algae, so on its own it doesn’t taste…well…sweet!

Organic Burst Chlorella is not bitter at all and it doesn’t have the musty smell of an old pharmacy, but it does taste very green, like green veggie juice. 

However, if you previously tried store-bought chlorella (and not ours) you’re probably thinking: “well, this cannot be true” because your previous experience of taking chlorella might have been rather traumatic.

Let’s find out why when taking our chlorella you’ll be just fine!


So if you’ve taken other chlorella before you’ll be surprised when taking ours! …There is no unpleasant smell or taste at all… In fact we hear almost daily from you that when you take our chlorella you can’t believe how fresh and pure it tastes!

Why Is Organic Burst Chlorella So Different?

Because chlorella needs to be grown in very pure water and due to its ability to absorb all the toxins from its environment - if the growing conditions are not of a high quality standard chlorella is likely to have an awful fishy taste and smell.

The smell and taste of poorly sourced chlorella would be the least of your worriers though. If the growing conditions are not of the highest standards the chlorella may easily be contaminated with algal toxins, high bacterial count, mould and heavy metals (that will then reside in various tissues of your body and may lead to serious health problems). 

It’s an expensive and labour intensive process to produce high quality Chlorella, that’s why in reality it’s very hard to find a clean chlorella product.

When searching for the best chlorella farm we lab tested and blind tasted many (many!) samples of the “best chlorella” from various locations around the world, and only one of them was by far superior!

Why is it so superior?

  • Because Organic Burst Chlorella is grown in crystal clear underground mineral water (not surface water) - this mineral water is considered by many experts to be “live” water as it’s rich in minerals and is not filtered, distilled or processed in any way.
  • It’s grow in very pure air - surrounded by a dense rainforests (home to indigenous tribes) and absolutely no industrial production.
  • Samples from the ponds are taken throughout the day and tested for purity in the in-house lab. It is then also tested after washing, drying and then once again when milling and tableting. Every harvest is tested this way for the purest and most powerful chlorella.
  • In addition to that it’s also 2x more digestible - our chlorella undergoes a patented process to crack the tough cell wall (without any oxidation unlike in the common mechanical processes of cracking cell walls).

So, now that you know why the taste is so much better than expected, let’s move onto how you can take your chlorella during the day.

Tip: you can take your chlorella at any time of the day that suits you and combine it with any other Bursts. Our “How To Take” section of the Chlorella page gives you more tips to optimise the times based on your goals.


1. Chlorella Lemon WaterA quick, powerful alkaline way to start any day, energise, glow and cleanse. This is how many of us here at Team OB take our chlorella daily.

2. Chlorella Mashed Avocado Toast
We love to supercharge avocado mash with the nourishing and cleansing powers of Organic Burst Chlorella. This is such a quick, yummy filling snack.

3. Chlorella Vanilla Porridge
As the autumn settles in, our immune systems need some extra support! This delicious warming porridge will keep your energy stable and will nourish you with important nutrients.

Chlorella Avocado Pudding: This delicious pudding is SO creamy and yet amazing for you! Have it as a filling snack or a light brekkie or dinner - it will only take minutes to make and will nourish you gut flora and support your detoxification organs.

5. Chlorella Smoothie: Get the recipe in our Magical Book of Superfoods eBook that you can download for free!

Support your digestion and detox while enjoying this tasty smoothie. Organic Burst Chlorella balances your gut flora making your tummy feel light and happy. Bursting with iron, protein and good fats, it will make you feel instantly revitalized. 

6. Chlorella Pistacchio Ice Cream: This is a truly magical recipe! You’ll fall in love with every bite of this heavenly ice-cream (which is totally dairy-free and refined-sugar-free!).

7. Chlorella Coconut Bites: Get a dose of detoxifying Organic Burst Chlorella in your homemade super-treats! These yummy bites contain healthy coconut fats, so they won’t spike blood sugar levels. Share them with your friends and family who won't believe how healthy they are!

8. Raw Chlorella Chocolates: Detox while eating chocolate as Organic Burst Chlorella helps your liver remove toxins. Plus this recipe is dairy free, full of B Vitamins, iron and magnesium.

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