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7 Hacks For Periods Cramps

You don’t have to suffer month after month. Try our simple hacks that work both for quick relief and also to help you get on top of your cycle in the long-term. 🤗⁠

  • Yoga poses can nourish the body and calm the mind. Try a supine twist to relieve cramps: lie on your back, arms outstretched, bend knees towards your chest then let them fall gently to one side. Hold for a few breaths, then repeat on the other side.⁠
  • True Cinnamon (like ours) has been shown to relieve menstrual cramps and heavy...

Sore Throat? Try This Timeless Ayurveda-Inspired Remedy

Add 1/2 teaspoon each of Turmeric and sea salt to a small glass of warm water and gargle.

Used as a remedy before modern medicine even existed, gargling with warm salt water and Turmeric really works, and it’s proven by science 🤓⁠.

The salty water draws fluid, mucus, and the pathogens (bacteria or viral organisms), causing the infection, out of tissue at the back of the throat. How? Simple osmosis - yes, like your learned at school!⁠

If the throat is infected, our immune system kicks in, sending blood packed with immune cells to the area, causing inflammation...

When Should I Take These Superfoods For Weight Loss?


🍵 Matcha contains many powerful polyphenol compounds, including catechins that have been found to boost weight loss. A study from 2009 published in the Journal of Obesity found 2x cups of catechin rich green tea per day led to decreases in abdominal fat, waist circumference, total body fat, and body weight.⁠⁠

It’s perfect to have Matcha between meals/after eating particularly because it reduces the sugar in the blood after eating (Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, 2019), this stops surges of insulin that encourage fat deposits and cravings for sweet food.⁠

💎 Our genuine Ceremonial Grade Matcha...