Top 5 Healthy Drinks By Jenna McDougall

We caught up with Jenna McDougall the lead singer from famous Australian rock band Tonight Alive, who takes great care of her diet, whilst at the same time living the star lifestyle on the road! 

  • Get tips on how to keep a healthy balance when you’re on the go 
  • Jenna’s expert smoothie-making advice 
  • The 5 drinks that help to keep Jenna so healthy 

Photograph by Ruby Boland

Jenna tells us about keeping a healthy balance while touring:

To tell you the truth, my favourite way to find a healthy balance between a refined diet and nomadic lifestyle is through *drum roll please* LIQUIDS! Juices, tonics, smoothies, kombucha.. You name it. If it's natural I'm there.

Liquids are the fastest and easiest thing to digest; and when travelling your first choice is often compromised, so drinks are a great solution to ensure your fruit and veg intake. This doesn't mean replacing meals with liquids, rather trusting your body is getting what it needs in between them.

I have turned to juicing for just about every itch, ache and ailment I've had in the last 4 years.

I learned from an Ayurvedic doctor about the importance of keeping our digestive system balanced, which in turn is essential for the strength of our immune system. That's why just about every recipe I follow is based on improving my gut bacteria and including lots of anti-inflammatory foods.

For me, this means reduced symptoms of eczema, muscle tension, better sleeping patterns and higher energy. Do a little googling and experiment with raw meals!

Jenna’s Smoothie Basics

Every day begins with a superfood smoothie for me, whether I'm at home or travelling on a bus or RV. I like to use a small capsule style blender (similar to a nutribullet but more affordable.. I got mine at Target).

My standard ingredients are a banana, hemp milk, Vega protein or a simple vegetable protein. From there I build it up in flavour and supplements.. Some of my favourites are Organic Burst's Maca and Wheatgrass, raw cacao, chia/hemp/flax seeds or green tea powder. It all comes down to your personal taste and what benefits you'd like to get from your smoothie!

Any combination of the ingredients I listed will get you a fairly balanced dose of amino acids, antioxidants, magnesium, chlorophyll, protein, iron and a general boost in energy.

It will also have your digestive system moving things along, so you'll find yourself having multiple bowel movements in a day. A good thing!

When I mentioned a refined diet earlier, I was referring to what we now find is common in modern day eating.. From allergies, to intolerances and personal choices we all have our customised requirements. For me, I've had a severe nut allergy from a young age, developed an intolerance to grains in my late teens and in the last year have become a vegetarian!

So without two big food groups: meat and grains (which includes bread, pasta, rice, cereal etc) for the most part, my diet is great for reducing inflammation, but even stress can cause flare ups.

Jenna’s Top 5 Health Drinks

1. Apple cider vinegar: One shot or tablespoon in glass or bottle of water. I probably do this 1-2 times a week. Go for raw, organic, unpasteurised, unfiltered options that contain 'the mother'. 

2. Fresh, cold pressed juice: NOTHING UN-REFRIGERATED or that doesn't expire within 2-3 days. I like to get my hands on a juice DAILY! Whether I make it or buy it from a juice spot or supermarket.. Look for heavy greens (anything including leafy veggies like kale, spinach and herbs like parsley, basil etc) or a beet based juice - great for detoxing your liver and alkalising.

3. Kombucha: The good bacteria in this delicious fermented tea keep balance in the digestive system. Good gut flora balance is essential for maintaining tip-top digestion, a good immune system and for helping you absorb more nutrients from your food.

4. Coconut water: Amazing for hydration, because it also contains the electrolytes, potassium and calcium. Staying hydrated and replacing electrolytes you lose through sweat – whether it’s exercising or dancing! – is essential to keep energised.

5. Lemon, grapefruit, ginger and turmeric juice: (This will require a hand juicer and blender when travelling) great for alkalising, boosting your metabolism, reducing inflammation, antioxidants, makes you feel amazing and switched on for whatever the day throws at you. Seriously awesome! Can be watered down up to 50/50.

Final tip from Jenna:

If you prefer to buy your smoothies when you’re out and about, watch out for places that aren't necessarily promoting health where they may add artificial sweeteners/syrups – avoid these! Otherwise, get creative in your kitchen and enjoy making them yourself – this way you know exactly what’s going in!

Thank you Jenna we can’t wait to drink ourselves healthier!

By Singer & Healthy Eater Jenna McDougall

Jenna is the lead vocalist of Tonight Alive, the Australian rock band. She has found the answer to her health issues with a natural Ayurvedic approach and by incorporating Organic Burst Superfoods into her daily routine - even when living on a tour bus! 

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