How We Got A New Perspective On Our Yoga Practice

Do you sometimes feel like your workout needs a bit of a shake up? We tried out an awesome yoga class at the top of Western Europe's tallest building, the Shard in London, and got a whole new view on yoga as well as our fab city! 

Yogasphere at The View from The Shard, June 2014 Photo: Oliver Dixon / Imagewise

Changing up your yoga practice doesn’t mean forcing your body into more advanced postures, but it could simply be taking the opportunity to look at the world from another angle - you could try varying your classes, practice outside or at a different studio. We were lucky enough to get a ticket for a Yogasphere class at the Shard in the centre of London this week and just had to tell you about it! 

The highest yoga class in the world!

If you're ever in London and want to experience yoga with amazing teachers in one of Britain's most iconic buildings, you should really give Yogasphere at the Shard a try, there is nothing else like it. The special Saturday morning classes start at 8:15 – but you can’t argue with this because it gives you the absolute best start to the weekend!

Yogasphere at The View from The Shard, June 2014 Photo: Oliver Dixon / Imagewise

Going up to the viewing platform with the 50 or so other yogis to find our class was very exciting, with our ears popping in the lift as we climbed up and up to the 69th floor. The mats were all laid out ready for our practice, so we could choose which spot of London we wanted to look at out of from the floor to ceiling windows and get a few snaps on our iPhones (naturally).

The brilliant Leo Lourdes guided us through the class beautifully and kept it fun and light-hearted. As a bonus treat at the end of class, we invited to go up to the open air platform to take in more of the stunning view of our city. In warmer weather the classes actually take place up there, which would be a whole new stunning experience!

Fabulous class, suitable for all levels of yoga and a beautiful way to see London! After a post-yoga Organic Burst Spirulina and Acai Berry shake that we made in advance, we felt ready to glide through the rest of the weekend with a new sense of calm and bliss.  

We have 2 TICKETS TO YOGASPHERE TO GIVE AWAY so you can have the chance to head up into the sky and enjoy - keep your eyes on our Twitter page this Friday 13th March for the link! 

For more information on Yogasphere call 0203 086 9899 or visit

About Yogasphere

Yogasphere was created by leading Harley Street life coach Leo Lourdes and Mandy Jhamat, described by Marie Claire as one of the UK’s top yoga teachers. They believe yoga is a living breathing philosophy that enlightens and inspires, transforming your body and mind. They provide weekly classes in Regents Park, Harley Street, Primrose Hill, The View from The Shard, Matt Roberts Private Members Gyms, and more!

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