Eat Right For Your Age - Your Thirties

Now you're in your thirties, you can't get away with quite so many diet mistakes as you did in your younger days! Remember how quickly you used to recover from a night out a few years ago, or how you used to be able to eat all the chocolate you wanted?! Our bodies' responses and nutritional needs change through life, so our nutritionist Claire has put together a handy guide focussing on how to incorporate foods and superfoods that will support you at your life stage. We're in week 2 of our Eat Right For Your Age series, so check out last week's blog if you're still in your twenties or hang on for the next few weeks to face your forties and high five your fifties! 

Claire, over to you:

Flourish In Your Thirties

What’s going on in your thirties? You might be stressed or getting less sleep than you did in your student days. Work has suddenly got serious – you’re taking on more responsibility, you’ve noticed that you need to put in a bit more effort to look and feel your best (damn!), or you might even be in the baby-making part of your life... So let's get to grips with some amazing nutrients and superfoods that are just the ticket for your thirties. 

Minerals are our miracle workers when it comes to staying cool under pressure, especially magnesium, calcium and zinc.

  • Nuts and seeds should be on your list every day, pumpkin seeds and almonds are very nutritious. Try baking with ground almonds instead of flour, and sprinkle seeds onto soups and salads. 
  • Cacao is a wonderful source of minerals, go for raw or dark chocolate and add a spoonful of raw cacao powder to your smoothies, breakfasts or puddings. 
  • Organic Burst Maca is an adaptogen, which means it strengthens the body and helps maintain your stamina and ability to deal with what life throws at you. Try a teaspoon stirred into porridge or yoghurt each morning. 

Nourish your skin with Vitamin A, essential fats, and lots of lovely chlorophyll-rich greens.

  • Eggs, fish, meat and organ meats are rich sources of Vitamin A. 
  • Get the veggie form that ensures this nutrient doesn’t build up in the fat cells from leafy greens like spinach, kale, watercress and Organic Burst Wheatgrass – simply stir a teaspoon into a glass of water, it tastes like cold green tea! 
  • Get your fill of essential fats from oily fish like salmon, sardines, anchovies, grass fed meat, walnuts, hemp and flax seeds. Aim for 3 portions of these foods a week to help keep skin cells healthy. 
  • Try a chlorophyll-rich homemade facemask to inject life back into your skin. Mix 1 tsp Organic Burst Chlorella, 1 tsp lemon juice and 3 tsp aloe vera gel. 

Do your body the biggest favour when it comes to fertility by clearing out the junk from your diet and nourishing your body on a deep level.

  • Cut down on caffeine, alcohol, medications (only under supervision of your doctor), fizzy drinks and processed foods that all put a strain on our organs. 
  • Eat more of the most nourishing foods you can get your hands on like fresh avocados, eggs, berries, broccoli, Brazil nuts, seaweed. You can flood your body with a wide array of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients by making a green vegetable juice a few times a week. [insert green juice link] 
  • Organic Burst Spirulina is our most nurturing superfood, with easily digested protein, iron and B Vitamins, it’s just what your body needs at this stage in life. 
  • For added chances of making a baby, try Organic Burst Maca, which can enhance sexual desire in both men and women! Vroom! 

Check out next week’s article where we’ll be helping you to Face Your Forties

By Organic Burst Nutritionist Claire Marlow

Claire Marlow BA (Hons), DipIONFdSc, mBANT is a nutritionist at Organic Burst. Her interest is in restoring one’s control of their state of health, believing that there are too many people, especially in big cities today, ‘surviving’ rather than ‘living’. Claire has been featured in many publications such as Marie Claire, Women’s Fitness, Top Sante, Now, Natural Health, Daily Express and more. 

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