How To Get Kids Into Healthy Habits With Taline Gabrielian

Catch a glimpse of how awe-inspiring mum and regular Burster Taline Gabrielian nurtures her whole family and gets her kids into healthy habits.

Taline is the founder of Hippie Lane, the super stylish site where she shares her healthy treats that come with a slice of edginess. We know Taline is a huge fan of superfoods, and we wanted to hear more about her health philosophies and tactics for making sure kids are optimally nourished. Here's some insight from the inspirational Taline, which we think explains why she has created such a big Instagram commotion!

OB: For those who haven’t seen your exquisite raw healthy treats what is your food philosophy?

TG: I eat an abundance of fresh, unprocessed and ethically sourced food that is free of gluten, dairy, GMO and refined sugar. I make raw vegan treats to satisfy my sweet tooth but I am not fully raw or vegan. I don’t follow a particular diet, I just try to eat most things in moderation.  

OB: As a mother of two how do you find time to nurture yourself as well as your little ones?

TG: In my opinion, there is no greater happiness than having a healthy mind and body so I make health a priority. Healthy eating choices, exercise, acupuncture sessions, regular getaways and massage are my personal nurturing tools. I nurture my children with lots of love and encouragement, nourishing food and snacks, and lots of stimulating and outdoor play.

OB: Tell us about your exercise routine and how important is it to your lifestyle?

TG: I attend Pilates classes 3-4 times a week and love it. I’ve always exercised in some capacity, and love going on outdoor walks and the occasional run. During my pregnancies I found yoga extremely helpful and practiced it religiously. Since having children, I have found pilates to be the most effective in managing my niggling back pain, strengthening my core muscles and helping me to relax. It is the only real time I have for me, and I cherish each class.

OB: What are your tricks of the trade for mums who are cooking with kids and want to keep everyone healthy?

TG: In my experience, there are three essential points in getting kids into healthy eating:

  1. The first is to take children along to the markets / shops when buying your weekly produce and talking through the importance of healthy fresh ingredients and how eating this way benefits us from the inside out.
  2. Next is getting kids involved in the kitchen. This could mean observing a meal getting cooked, helping to prep meals, and / or having the child physically cook the meal. This allows children to comprehend the full farm to table process and to appreciate the food they eat.
  3. And most importantly modeling good eating habits in your home. When children see their parents making healthy choices, they often follow suite. Children are like sponges, observing and copying what they see. 

OB: How do you incorporate superfoods into your family’s diet?

TG: I find the easiest way to include superfoods in our diet is to add them to smoothies and breakfast meals. It’s easy and often the children won’t even realise!

OB: Snacking seems to be the hardest part for mums as children always seem to want something sweet. What do you give them when they are peckish?

TG: Sliced fruit and veg sticks are my first choice when kids ask for a snack. I also make raw treats for us at home so I usually have a variety of chocolate treats in my freezer. I also plan ahead and make sure I have a supply of healthy organic pantry snacks in case we run out of other options, and for times when we need a snack on the go.

OB: What is your favourite family dessert?

TG: For me, it’s a classic raw vegan chocolate cheesecake. Deliciously smooth, decadent and satisfying!

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