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Deeply nourish your body, get fast-growing glossy hair, boost iron and lose stubborn weight.

A miracle micro-algae that has so much research to confirm its health benefits, that it’s been declared “the best food of the future” by the United Nations.

You’ll Love How It Makes You Feel

Helped me with my weight loss. Belly fat is almost gone, I don’t crave a ton of food anymore...”

Neza @nezapodbrscek

Weight Loss

Spirulina is super popular amongst our Bursters for its weight loss benefits, while nourishing your body - not depriving it!

A 2016 study consisting of 40 patients who took 2g (just less than 1tsp) Spirulina for 3 months found that Spirulina significantly reduced Body Mass Index, blood pressure and promoted weight loss (European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences).

Grow Long Lustrous Locks

Spirulina is an effective & rich source of the key nutrients iron, zinc and lysine needed for hair to grow long and healthy.

Plus, our Spirulina contains 70% complete protein, which is needed to strengthen weak hair. Its Vitamin A content helps with the production of natural oils for a healthy scalp and to prevent dryness.

My hair never grew past my shoulders until I started taking Spirulina! Now it’s nearly to my bum.”


This truly works..... I was getting a lot of greys (“genes”)... It decreased a good 80-90% of my grey hair!!!!”

Lorisa @alondra_silerio

Reverse Early Grey Hair

The two main reasons for going grey early are Vitamin B12 deficiency and free radical damage – Spirulina directly combats both!

Spirulina contains methylcobalamin, a very effective and absorbable form of Vitamin B12, as proven in a 2010 study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (contrary to the opinion that all plant sources contain analogs of B12).⁠

Spirulina’s incredible compounds chlorophyll and phycocyanin are powerful antioxidants that can mop up free radicals and protect your hair.⁠

Combat Iron Deficiency

Spirulina is shown to be effective in increasing iron in studies and is even recommended by the World Health Organization as a high source of iron.

Unlike iron supplements, high-quality, pure and organic Spirulina does not cause any tummy troubles or constipation.⁠

I had a severe iron deficiency and after 3 days of being on Organic Burst Spirulina I felt tremendously better and had energy again for the first time in over 4 years... yes it is possible and very common to see results very quickly.”

Melissa @missyezell

Beat Brain Fog

Get the B Vitamins and iron you need for a healthy brain, nervous system and psychological function from Spirulina with no side effects.

Post-meal brain fog and low energy disappears with Spirulina too, as it is known to help balance blood sugar levels and improve insulin sensitivity.

Get A Protein Hit

Spirulina contains 60-70% protein in its "complete" form, providing all 9 essential amino acids - that we cannot produce ourselves and need to obtain from food! This is unusual in the plant world, as most only contain a few essential amino acids.

Also - Spirulina has a very high PER - protein efficiency ratio. In fact, its protein is 4x more absorbable that the protein in beef!

It has saved me from my iron deficiency and brain fog, I love it and take it religiously!!”

Pardeep @pkaur_88

Get Energized & Feel Alive

Your body can make more energy and resist fatigue with Spirulina’s natural iron, B Vitamins and complete protein.

A 2016 double blind, placebo-controlled study of men who took 1tsp of Spirulina per day found it can "increase people’s ability to resist mental and physical fatigue” (International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition).

Strong Immune System

Help your body deal with the threat of infection! Along with Vitamins B6, B12 and iron that are vital for the immune system, Spirulina contains an antioxidant phycocyanobilin (PCB) that has been shown to boost the body’s response “to RNA viruses including influenza and coronavirus” (Progress in Cardiovascular Disease, 2020).

One of my favorite proteins!! Definitely helps with energy and endurance, my iron deficiency is no longer my problem!”

Rachel @rachel_0591

Balance Blood Sugar Levels

Get steady energy through the day thanks to Spirulina’s protein content that slows the release of sugars into the blood.

A study published in the journal Nutrients in 2011, found that after 8 weeks, Spirulina increased insulin sensitivity (helping the body keep blood sugar stable) by 224.7%!

This can help you avoid insulin resistance that often leads to a cascade of hormonal issues including PCOS and endometriosis.

Curb Cravings & Prevent Overeating

If you’re always hungry or crave unhealthy snacks, our pure Spirulina contains 70% complete protein that is quickly absorbed, as well as iron, and an array of B Vitamins - all of which help you feel satiated, and curb cravings for unhealthy food.

Have 1 serving of Spirulina powder in lemon water to instantly kill a craving. To help reduce portion sizes or prevent overeating - have 1 serving 30min-1hr before meals.

This has helped me to curb my cravings especially during the evenings before dinner”

Alicia @aliciaklz_

Flood Your Body With The Nutrients It Craves

If you’ve been struggling to prepare enough healthy meals, nutrient-dense Spirulina can top you up. Our Spirulina is a nourishing natural source of so many nutrients: complete and quickly absorbable protein, beta-carotene, chlorophyll, iron, Vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12.

It’s the second richest source of Gamma Linolenic Acid after mother’s milk. It’s also got a special compound phycocyanin that has been widely researched for many benefits.

Enhance Exercise Performance

Spirulina has been found to enhance exercise performance according to a placebo-controlled study.

Men who took spirulina had significantly longer “time-to-fatigue” after a two hour run, as well as higher fat burning rate over the placebo group. Take both before and after your workout for best results.

I love taking these tablets post work-out for better recovery and less fatigue!”

Ashley @ashleyeden222

100% Pure Spirulina

Free From Nasties & Contamination

Organic Burst Spirulina is grown in crystal clear mineral water as opposed to sea water or surface water (that can be contaminated)! It is then dried for 3 seconds with hot air and gently milled, whilst keeping the nutrients intact.

It is tested for purity at every stage of production and is completely free from heavy metals, microcystins, BMAA and other toxins. It is 2,550km from Japan and is totally free from radiation too (and regularly tested for your peace of mind)!

No Binders In Our Tablets!

Our tablets are 100% pure - simply pressed Spirulina powder! No binders or other additives that you find in most tablets out there. Their shape is also flatter making them much easier to take!

A Superior Taste dense green veggies - not fishy at all!

Spirulina are algae, so don't taste of candy sadly! However, because we grow our Spirulina especially in pure mineral water without any chemicals, our customers continuously tell us it doesn't taste nasty or fishy! It reminds us of green veggie juice but without the bitterness. A great tip is to add a squeeze of lemon ;)

Directly Sourced

...from the lush subtropics of Taiwan

The Ideal Location for Supreme Spirulina

We’ve searched the whole world for the best Spirulina and we found it! We source directly from an amazing small organic Spirulina farm in green Southern Taiwan, surrounded by beautiful dense rainforests. Our spirulina is grown outdoors in bright sunshine (even in winter!), pure air and crystal clear mineral water. We love our farm, the Tawu mountains nearby and the kind, sincere and humble people that work here.

Great for the Environment, Soil & the Entire Ecosystem

Unlike many Spirulina products, ours is grown without any Chilean Nitrate – a mined fertilizer used by many Spirulina farms to increase yield. Chilean Nitrate is banned by organic standards as an environmental contaminant, polluting soil and sea life and there are concerns about its side effects on human health too. Our Spirulina is grown with only plant-based organic fertilizers that are produced on the farm itself.

A "green" food in every way!

Spirulina is amazing for the environment as its “production needs less energy input per kilo than soy, corn, or bovine protein and less water per kilo of protein than other foods. Spirulina is a big oxygen producer that is even more efficient than trees and forests to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen.” - IIMSAM.ORG

How To Take?


Take 1 serving (8 tablets) simply with a glass of water.

Super Charge

Already making a smoothie, juice, a workout-shake? Mix in 1 servings (1 teaspoon) of Spirulina Powder to give it that extra super charge!

...Or Get Creative!

We have loads of delicious free Spirulina recipes for you to get adventurous with! The kitchen will never be the same again!

...for more yummy Spirulina recipes check out Choc & Juice, our online world of wellbeing.

When To Take?


The most important thing is to take your Spirulina consistently and daily - don't worry whether this is in the morning, afternoon or evening. Just take 1 serving daily.


Feeling like a superfood pro? Then let's start some optimization!

WEIGHT LOSS: Take 1 serving 1 hour before main meals to prevent over-eating or between meals to avoid snacking.

FITNESS & RECOVERY: Take 1 serving post work-out to boost recovery.

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