Electric Whisk

by Aerolatte

A light, stylish & powerful whisk that makes it so easy to enjoy your superfoods daily… wherever you are!

All you need is liquid (water, mylk or juice), your favourite Bursts and an Aerolatte!

I'm using it every day to mix up my supergreens... it's saves me a lot of time and there's no washing up afterwards :)”

Dimi at Organic Burst

Here's Why It's So Useful

Saves You Time

Unlike usual whisks, milk frothers or blenders it takes just a few seconds to whip up your Matcha, Wheatgrass, Spirulina Lattes or milk for conventional coffee.

Perfect Mixing - No More Clumps

With your Aerolatte it’s super easy to prepare and enjoy your Bursts! No more breaking clumps up with a spoon!

Makes It So Easy To Take Your Bursts Daily

With Aerolatte you can quickly whisk an energising Matcha, detoxing Chlorella Lemon Water, quickly curb cravings with Spirulina Lemon water or add Wheatgrass to your green juice!

...AND it’s so small and light you can take it to work and feel amazing throughout the day!

Why We Chose The Original Aerolatte

Whisks Your Drink In Seconds

Despite being so light and compact Aerolatte has a powerful motor to whisk your drinks in a few seconds.

Looks Stylish In Your Kitchen Or Office

We love the look of this matte satin Aerolatte, which will look sleek and elegant amongst your other kitchen utensils or... on your office desk!

Easy To Clean

The Aerolatte just needs to be rinsed under warm water - no tedious washing of various parts.

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