Get A Taste Of The OB Hangout London Event

We’re still buzzing from our super #OBHangout event on Saturday! The feedback on the day and online has been phenomenal, with so much support and gratitude, we simply love you guys, thank you!

If you missed the OB Hangout, we’ve rounded up the highlights, take away moments and tips so you can feel as though you were right there with us!

Claire’s nutrition talk focussed on looking at the underlying causes of your health symptoms and helping the whole body with deep nourishment and digestive support.

Claire’s top tips:
  • Never ignore health symptoms, or rely only on medications that mask them, this way you address the imbalance rather than letting it linger on. 
  • Skin problems are usually linked to the liver – drink cleansing herbal teas like dandelion and nettle, and try Organic Burst Chlorella that helps remove toxins from the liver.

Ariana’s Cooking Demo showed you how to make a batch of energising muffins and a veggie curry in only 40 minutes!

Ariana’s top tips:
  • Make a batch of maca muffins with energising Organic Burst Maca to keep you stocked up on healthy snacks all week. While they're baking you can whip up a delicious curry for dinner, easy! 
  • Don’t buy curry paste, make it yourself by frying spices with a teaspoon of olive oil and mash into a paste.

Kevin Curry from Fit Men Cook, gave us a masterclass in what he has learnt so far in his food blogging career, plus an awesome cooking show!

Kevin’s top tips:
  • Figure out what makes you unique and use that to inspire your followers. It could be a catchphrase, or something about your personality!
  • Spruce up your Superfood Balls with different toppings. Use dried berries, Organic Burst Spirulina, chopped nuts, chia seeds, melted chocolate or shredded coconut.

Fitness tips from our experts!

"My favourite yoga pose is dancer’s pose. It is a gorgeous way to open the heart - I do it every day and include in every class I teach!"

Author and yogini, Julie Montagu, who led us through our morning yoga.

"Yoga Nidra strengthens our connection to the involuntary processes within our body that are set up to calibrate and find equilibrium, so the practice can improve the state of dynamic stability in our internal conditions (homeostasis) and reconnect the brain to the physiological make-up of our system. With a stronger mind-body connection we function more effectively with the stresses of daily life."

Yogini, Natasha Kerry, who taught our afternoon yoga session.

"My favourite exercise for your lower abs is double leg lowers, you lay on your back and stretch your legs straight up to the sky then slowly lower them down to the floor without letting your back ache and keeping your abs engaged then lift them back up slowly."

Pilates expert, Lottie Murphy, who hung out with us all day, teaching two very popular pilates sessions. 

What did the audience say?

Here are a few of the lovely comments you shared with us about your #OBHangout experience... 

"Some of the best bits of the OB Hangout today with Organic Burst. There were healthy muffins, curry, yoga, energy bites and superfoods! What a lovely team of people you are at Organic Burst. Thank you for all the amazing advice, delicious food and goodie bag. Best thing in the bag was the OB Wheatgrass, of course. Thank you all so much @organicburst #organicburst #obhangout #wheatgrass #superfoods #nutrition #healthy #eatclean #eatwell #sugarfree #plantbased #instafood" @startwithasmoothie

"Aching after a great #Pilates session with @LottielMurphy now learning some yummy #healthy recipes with @fitmencook @organicburst #obhangout #muffins #powerballs #macapower #yummy #healthtreats" @ladydancealot

A big thank you to everyone who came and made our first ever hangout event so special, and for all of you who couldn't make it, we hope this snapshot gives you some inspiration anyway! Hugs, from the OB Team. 

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