Wheatgrass And Vanilla Power Milk By Eat Better Not Less

Make your milkshake guilt-free and full of green goodness! This delicious, fibre-rich power milk, created by the fabulous foodie Nadia from Eat Better Not Less is free from fructose and lactose. Perfect if you want to get more energy whilst looking after your tummy! 

Nadia, over to you: 

I wanted to make something to boost my energy. I looked in my cupboard and as soon as I saw my Organic Burst products waiting in there for me I knew what I was going to make! This sweet wheatgrass & vanilla power milk is not only delicious, it’s also dairy-free and I love the colour.


For the wheatgrass milk:

For the toppings:

  • 1 extra dash of rice milk
  • 1 capsule Organic Burst Acai Berry (open the capsule and tip out the powder)
  • 1 tbsp crushed pistachios 

  1. Blend together all the wheatgrass milk ingredients. 
  2. If you have a frother, use it to transform the extra dash of milk into a tasty foam and spoon it onto the top of the wheatgrass milk. 
  3. Now dress up your drink with some yummy extras, try sprinkling some Organic Burst Acai Berry powder on the top and some crushed nuts - the colours look so amazing! Believe me, the better the look- the better the taste!

This literally takes you maximum 5 minutes to make! So easy, quick, simple and yet so delicious!

By Healthy Food Blogger Nadia Damaso

Nadia is the creator of the Eat Better Not Less blog, which sums up her whole philosophy! She aims to show people how many amazing options there are to create healthy, delicious and filling meals! Her wholesome recipes are photographed so beautifully, you’ll want to dive straight in. Nadia launches her first cookbook later this year, which will be published in English and German - not bad for a 19 year old Swiss girl! We’re in AWE of the lovely Nadia!

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