Mint & Chlorella Sweetcorn Peas

If you've seen the nutrition advice to include a rainbow of different colours on your plate to deliver a wide array of phytonutrients, but you barely manage more than 2 (!), try this really easy way to get colourful! This clever side-dish, created by Heather from Fresheather, who won our #GetYourCrunchOn granules competition, incorporates organic frozen peas, sweetcorn, mint and our chlorella granules for extra nutrients, with minimal effort! 

Heather, over to you: 

This is one of my favourite easy go-to recipes for a mid-afternoon snack or a side dish to accompany dinner; it has so much flavour but only uses a few basic store cupboard ingredients. The Organic Burst Chlorella granules add a whole new dimension to the dish with the extra crunch on top.

I am obsessed with these granules at the moment; they are perfect for savoury dishes like this one (as well as on salads, dips and soup) and sweet dishes (like smoothies, nana ice cream and oats)! They add a great crunchy texture as well as so many great health benefits...who said healthy eating was difficult?!

Ingredients (for a side dish for two):

150g frozen peas
150g frozen sweetcorn
1tsp dried mint
1/4 tsp lemon zest
balsamic glaze
fresh mint
1-2tsp Organic Burst Chlorella granules


  1. Steam the frozen veg. Toss with the dried mint, lemon zest, a small handful of torn fresh mint leaves and 1-2tsp balsamic glaze. 
  2. Serve and sprinkle with the chlorella granules, a drizzle of balsamic glaze and some fresh mint leaves to decorate. 
I recommend serving alongside crispy wholewheat pitta bread and homemade hummus or tahini!

By Healthy Blogger Heather Adamson

Heather is a 21 year old graphic designer who loves health and nutrition, vegan food and natural beauty. Her fab recipes prove that clean eating doesn't have to be boring! 

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