Healthy Swaps You Can Stick To - #SwapItForGood Round-Up

Discover the most popular, achievable and controversial #SwapItForGood tips from our January competition

Well it's all over! What a fun January we've had thanks everyone who got involved in our #SwapItForGood competition. We posted a new inspirational tip from experts and celebrities each day on how to swap your habits for better ones in 2015! 

We were blown away by the response we got from our fabulous followers – a crazy 22k of you entered! We had an incredible response with so many fans flooding their whole timeline on Instagram and Twitter with our tips, as well as their personal stories, which often got us rather emotional when we were reading them! 

Competition overview

  • We had 22,000 entries!! 
  • We had muchos fun coming up with the designs of each daily tip. 
  • Our most popular tip was by international star Jenna McDougall – the lead singer of Tonight Alive, who is an awesome health foodie and superfood convert, who gave us this mantra about processed foods: 

  • Our most controversial tips
    • Sarah Wilson’s about ditching agave syrup – we had a lively debate about which sugars are best avoided and why:

    • Claire’s tip about not charging your phone in the bedroom overnight to prevent waves spoiling your sleep – it seems lots of people prefer to check their phones through the night:

  • We were ridiculously flattered that loads of you flooded your whole Instagram feed with our tips! Recognise any of these?! 

We decided only one winner didn't do justice to the entries, so we're giving away 3 prizes with 1 main prize and announcing 2 runners up who will receive a Fitness bundle each. The overall winner will be receiving their ULTIMATE Wellbeing Package very soon. What a start to the year!


The personal experiences that you shared

This is where you gave inspiration right back to us and reminded us of why we wanted to get #SwapItForGood going in the first place. Here are some lovely words of experience and wisdom:





What WE loved about #SwapItForGood

For us, the best bit was being able to inspire so many of you lovely folks from around the world with real, do-able lifestyle and nutritional changes. It was a blast getting conversations started about health and wellbeing – we know lots of you were inspired by the tips, and also learnt a lot – just as we learned from your input too! Stories about how you put these tips into action, and the differences you felt were incredible to read!

What YOU loved about #SwapItForGood

The grace and kindness of the thousands of you who got in touch every single day during January about the #SwapItForGood tips, simply sent us into a stunned spin! We can only share what some of you said and say a big, enormous thank you, accompanied by virtual hugs all round! 


We’ll definitely keep sharing new expert tips regularly so no one else gets withdrawal from #SwapItForGood!

Are you one of our winners? 

And now there's nothing left but to announce the lucky winners!

The 1st prize of our ULTIMATE Wellbeing Package goes to Grace McGuire @nourishwithwholefoods from Instagram! Congrats Grace! We will be in touch to arrange your consultations with our nutritionist and to send you Blendtec blender and your year's supply of Organic Burst! 

The 2 runners up who win 1 Fitness Bundle each are: Sarbear @hippylove2789 from Instagram and Leah Whai Hills @leahwhai from Twitter. We'll be in touch with you guys!

Thank you to everyone who entered and don't forget to #SwapItForGood this year! 

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