How To Ensure Your Spirulina Comes From A Clean Source

We explain how Spirulina can nourish your mind and body, plus vital advice on choosing the best quality product.
  • Get ultimate nourishment for your mind and body from spirulina 
  • Learn the differences between spirulina products
  • Ensure your spirulina is pure, clean and safe

This amazing food was declared by the United Nations as the best food of the future! It's recommended by the World Health Organisation especially for nourishing children. There are studies from all over the world that tell us the amazing benefits of this truly super food, which is used in 77 different countries around the world.

Spirulina certainly lives up to this amazing reputation! It's a wonderful natural, single cell micro-algae that has existed on our planet for billions of years. It delivers a wide spectrum of nutrients to nourish and nurture your body including: 

  • Immune system support with Vitamin B6
  • Offers a complete form of protein (an incredible 60-70%) meaning it contains all 9 essential amino acids
  • Fights sugar cravings, and can keep you going between meals with easily digested protein
  • Reduced tiredness with iron
  • Nervous system support with thiamine
  • A happy heart with thiamine

Spirulina is also known to absorb heavy metals and toxins from its environment, so it’s absolutely vital to make sure yours is from a clean source.

The environmental issues that can contaminate spirulina

Sadly, many spirulina products on the market today are grown in areas that may be affected by environmental pollution.

Japan High radiation levels due to the nuclear disaster in Fukushima in 2011. Check exactly where any Japanese spirulina you’re considering is grown. Any products from this sensitive area need valid radiation testing certificates. 
China Supplements have been found to be contaminated with lead, mercury and arsenic. There have been many concerns in recent years about spirulina that is grown in China, so check it’s tested for heavy metals first.
Natural lakes  Risk of contamination from heavy metals. Approach with caution! Wild growing conditions such as natural lakes cannot be controlled, so it's impossible to know the spirulina is free from heavy metals, pollution and bacteria.  

"Spirulina absorbs toxins from its environment, so make sure yours is from a clean source."

How to steer clear of all potential spirulina toxins

It’s not just the environment you need to watch, there are yet more toxins that find their way into commercially produced algae. Not ours though, of course! Let’s take a look...

Chilean Nitrate – a mined fertiliser banned by organic standards. Used by many spirulina suppliers, it can cause environmental contamination and exposure can raise cancer risk. Only buy Certified Organic spirulina to ensure it is cultivated without controversial fertilisers. 
BMAA – a type of toxin found in some species of algaes. Linked to neurodegenerative disease. Only certain strains of spirulina will produce BMAA, so check you know you're buying a pure strain (and never from a natural lake). Additionally, when spirulina undergoes a proper drying process, it is incapable of producing any BMAA.
Microcystin – produced by some algae strains when grown in polluted waters. Damaging to the body when consumed, especially the liver. Steer clear of lake algae where strains of live algae such as microcystis aeruginosa and planktothrix grow and can produce these toxins. Ensure your spirulina is a pure strain and grown in clean and unpolluted environment where testing is done at every stage of production.
Herbicides, pesticides, mercury, arsenic, lead, preservatives and stabilisers. Toxins used in farming and food production that can be damaging when consumed and to the environment. Avoid spirulina that is grown using un-tested seawater or surface water, which exposes you to heavy metal toxins. Chemical fertilisers, pesticides, plus anything added to the end product are also to be avoided. 

"Steer clear of spirulina grown in natural lakes as they get contaminated with dangerous strains."

How Organic Burst Spirulina guarantees safety

Our mission is to only do good for your bodies, so we only offer pure, organic superfoods that we take ourselves and that we give to our own families! So here's how we grow and produce our products to ensure they're 100% safe for you: 

Where and how Organic Burst Spirulina is grown:

We grow our spirulina in a stunning spot in Southern Taiwan (2,550km from Japan), in bright sunshine, pure, clean air. Our man-made pools use only underground mineral water (drinking water quality), which means there's no possibility of radiation or heavy metal contamination from seawater.

The Spirulina pools at our farm in Southern Taiwan, surrounded by the jungle, use only pure underground spring water. 

You can be confident in Organic Burst:

  • We use only plant-based organic fertilisers that are produced on the farm itself. We do not use Chilean Nitrate or any other inorganic fertilisers!
  • Organic Burst Spirulina is free from BMAA. The spirulina strain we use is called Arthropsira Platensis and is not related to the type that will produce BMAA. Additionally, the specific way in which we dry our spirulina powder means that it any cell capable of producing BMAA would not survive.
  • Organic Burst Spirulina is clear of microcystin contamination due to both the pure strain we use and our unpolluted conditions. Our regular testing confirms zero contamination.
  • 100% pure and free from heavy metals thanks to the water and feed that we use to grow our spirulina, which is tested rigorously for metals and other toxins before being used.
  • The area we grow our spirulina is 2,550km from Japan and completely free from radiation. We regularly test the levels, and have never found any radiation.
  • Our growing and handling of our spirulina involves no chemicals or additives. It is gently dried to preserve freshness, so there’s no need for preservatives.

"Organic Burst Spirulina is free from BMAA, microcystins, heavy metals and radiation."

Everyone, including children, pets, pregnant and breastfeeding women, can take our spirulina. Get your Spirulina now >

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