How To Choose The Best Energy-Boosting Maca

It’s famous for boosting energy and your sex drive... want to know more about amazing maca root? If you’ve heard the buzz about maca and are wondering whether it’s worthy of the hype, well let us explain the phenomenal benefits and what to look out for when you choosing your maca!

The Basics - What You Need To Know About Maca

  • Gives you a natural energy buzz without caffeine. 
  • Puts the vroom into your sex life. 
  • Helps stamina and endurance, so you’ll feel ready for anything. 
  • A hardy plant grown on mountainous terrain in the Peruvian Andes. 
  • Organic Burst Maca is the pure powdered root of the plant. 
  • Also known as Peruvian Ginseng, it is an ‘adaptogen’. 
Not All Maca Is Made Equal

There’s no way we would give you any old maca! Our family growers in Peru, whose ancestors were the first to master the art of cultivating maca at 14,000 feet above sea level many centuries ago, produce a truly unique crop. They work hard to nurture and harvest maca by hand and know the plants so well that they blend a special family-top-secret formula of 4 different maca varieties – white, red, black and purple maca at the correct levels to give the best taste, nutrient profile and of course effectiveness, which is exactly what goes into our pots!

What To Look For In A Good Maca Product

Here is a guide that helps you ensure your money is well spent on a quality maca product that not only gives you real, lasting benefits but also helps the people that grow it and the planet.

Authentic - Grown in the Peruvian Andes Maca needs to be grown in its original habitat- in the harsh and unique terrain of the Peruvian Andes – to give it its strengthening benefits.
Organic Harmful chemicals, pesticides, processing aids are not coming anywhere near us thank you! 
Hand picked Without using machinery, the crops are carefully handled.
No heat treatment or processing Not heated above 55°C to keep all the amazing benefits.  Our maca is not gelatinised.
Powdered root formula The root (not the leaves) is the part of the maca plant where all the magic happens!
Unique blend to get all maca benefits Maca plants come in different varieties, and we use a sophisticated (oh yeah!) blend combining white, red, black and purple that has been perfected over centuries. This is why the effects are so good and it doesn’t throw the body out of balance.
Nutrient Dense Maca is much more than just nutrition facts, but for the record it delivers amino acids, iron, phosphorous, calcium, potassium, zinc and more!
Taste It’s got a malty, caramel flavour that makes it easy to mix with food and drinks.  Try with porridge, yoghurt or warm milks!
Effectiveness It’s got to make a real difference to you, otherwise what’s the point!? Read our reviews here.

What People Say

It feels sooooo good to be a part of someone’s health journey, and thanks to maca, our customers constantly tell us stories that make us feel all warm and mushy inside!

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Inside Scoop

More and more people around the world are discovering maca and relying on its incredible benefits every day for their health and wellbeing. The wonderful highland people of Peru have therefore seen their maca trade grow and thrive recently due to this increased demand and, frankly, we’re thrilled for them! Their labour-intensive work is getting recognised and paying off, which means positive changes for local people.

This leads us to explain that the price of maca root in Peru is rapidly going up, but we know that wherever this leads, the Peruvian farmers will benefit from a fair price reflection of their amazing crop. Despite the maca cost increase, we refuse to compromise on quality and ethical trade – we only source (and will continue to source) our maca from our growers in Peru rather than elsewhere because it is the best in terms of quality, taste and effectiveness!

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