Eat Right For Your Age - Your Twenties

Want to know which superfoods will make YOU feel amazing? With all the advice, excitement and even (dare we say) hype about nutrition, the options seem endless. The ideal starting point to get to grips with your own nutritional needs is to look at your age and lifestyle. So we asked our nutritionist Claire to share her ways to help you incorporate foods and superfoods that will support you wherever you are in life. In this series we'll cover the nutritional needs of 4 decades! This week we’re looking at your twenties and in the following weeks, we’re going up to thirties, forties and fifties.  

Claire, over to you:

We often get asked what’s the best product for me? A very difficult question to answer off the bat! But there are some amazing ways to make sure you’re looking after your body at key times in your life. This week we cover the lifestyle demands of being in your twenties and which amazing nutrients can help you feel amazing. 

How To Party But Still Stay Fresh In Your Twenties

When your social life is your LIFE, you need to keep your energy pumping and make sure you’re supporting your detoxification pathways. This is also the perfect time to learn about the best ways to look after your body and get into healthy habits for life.


Greens are the number one energy food, all green veg contains chlorophyll and this is a pigment that is similar to haemoglobin, helping to deliver energising oxygen around the body.

  • To really notice the difference, eat green veg at least three times per day: spinach and cucumber in a breakfast smoothie, a rocket or watercress side salad with lunch, and some kale and/or broccoli in the evening. Easy! 
  • Take a dose of our green superfoods daily for another chlorophyll-dense jolt. A teaspoon or 8 tablets of spirulina or chlorella is perfect. 

Iron is another component of energy transport in our bodies, and a lot of young people, especially women, are low in this vital element (a simple doctor’s test will tell you).

  • Eat good quality sources of iron several times per week, these include red meat, dark oily fish such as salmon, mackerel, also crab meat and other seafood. 
  • Vegetarian sources include greens, dried apricots, cashew nuts and sunflower seeds, so munch on these every day. 
  • Organic Burst Chlorella and Spirulina are wonderful sources of absorbable iron. 

Counteract energy robbers, which include caffeine, alcohol, processed food and other toxins from the environment. The best way to do this is to add detoxifying foods and drinks into your diet every day.

  • Cut back on caffeine and alcohol when and where you possibly can, try a yummy maca-cchino (1 tsp Organic Burst Maca in a mug of warm almond milk) instead of a cappuccino for morning energy. 
  • Drink 1.5-2 litres of filtered water and 3 cups of herbal tea per day – bitter teas like dandelion and nettle work best. Instead of fizzy drinks, go for a teaspoon of Organic Burst Baobab in fizzy water. 
  • Organic Burst Wheatgrass is nutrient dense, full of chlorophyll, has an alkalising effect and is rich in precious fibres. Organic Burst Wheatgrass in a glass of water, tastes lovely and fresh like cold green tea - don’t worry you won’t feel like you’re drinking your lawn! 
  • Organic Burst Chlorella supports our detoxification organs (liver, gallbladder and kidneys) by helping to remove toxins. Try a teaspoon in a glass of lemon water, or add to smoothies, and even salad dressings! 

Want to flourish in your thirties? Check out next week’s article...

By Organic Burst Nutritionist Claire Marlow

Claire Marlow BA (Hons), DipIONFdSc, mBANT is a nutritionist at Organic Burst. Her interest is in restoring one’s control of their state of health, believing that there are too many people, especially in big cities today, ‘surviving’ rather than ‘living’. Claire has been featured in many publications such as Marie Claire, Women’s Fitness, Top Sante, Now, Natural Health, Daily Express and more. 

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