Sporty At 40 – Pop Star Melanie C’s Health Tips

The health loving Spice Girl, Melanie C, is still as sporty as ever, juggling a successful solo career with motherhood.

In our interview she shares her secrets to looking young and fit, her staple foods and her favorite Organic Burst!

Melanie C was our original girl power inspiration of the 90s. Known as Sporty Spice (and being probably the most bouncy and energetic of the Spice Girls!) it’s no wonder that we all loved Melanie!

Now Melanie C is a successful singer song-writer in her own right - having released 6 albums - as well as appearing in prestigious London stage productions and most recently, a judge on Asia’s Got Talent.

When we discovered that Melanie was incorporating Organic Burst into her life, we wanted to find out more about her healthy habits and family life.

OB: We read that you celebrated your 40th birthday this year – congrats! How do you feel about entering the next decade?

MC: The big 4 0! I'm really excited about the future. My life seems to get better and better. Of course there are a few aches and pains and hangovers are pretty hideous but age and becoming a Mummy has really chilled me out.

I've had so many wonderful career opportunities in the last few years so I look forward to seeing what the future holds and watching my beautiful little girl grow up.

OB: Who inspires you in your life?

MC: I have so many people that inspire me in my life. My Mum and Dad have always been a great inspiration to me.

My mum is a wonderful cook and gave me the confidence and passion she has, following recipes, experimenting and cooking from scratch. She's a singer too and still performs, she's a cool Mum!

My dad is amazing, he overcame a serious illness a few years ago and it hasn't slowed him down. He loves his work and never stops, he runs rings around the younger people in his office!

My little girl inspires me everyday I usually wake up before her and I can't wait to hear her little feet run across the landing and hear her shout, 'Morning Mummy!'

OB: You look as fit and fresh as you did when you were Sporty Spice, has your health regime changed much since you were in your twenties?

MC: Thank you! I'm a lot more savvy about nutrition now.

I started competing in triathlons a few years back and my attitude to exercise is a lot healthier. I enjoy getting ready for an event training hard and fueling well but then I also enjoy relaxing and taking the foot off the gas. Like everything it's all about balance.

OB: How do you start your day?

MC: My day starts between 6-7am I start every day with the best cuddle from my little girl, she usually makes me laugh with a tale from school or a 'crazy' dream she's had.

We head down for breakkie. I always make us fresh smoothies and we eat homemade granola, porridge or poached eggs with millet bread. I've started baking too, doing some really healthy muffins with coconut oil, coconut flour and maple syrup. Guilt free! I love Natasha Corrett's Honestly Healthy books and my Mum just got me the Hemsley + Hemsley book too, they've got great recipes.

After I've dropped my little one off at school if I'm not working early I'll head to the gym, yoga or pilates. Being physical has always been a big part of my life and I find it's good for my head as well as my body.

OB: Do you use superfoods in your health regime? Which ones and why?

MC: I do use superfoods throughout the day! I love Organic Burst Maca root on my cereal for extra energy.

I use the Baobab in my smoothies for its potent antioxidants.

I've been trying more green smoothies with spinach or kale and adding some wheatgrass. My favourite breakfast at the moment is quinoa porridge made with almond milk with raspberries, goji berries and cacao nibs, it's awesome!

I live in London so Acai berries are great way to fight all the pollution and help your skin.

OB: If you need a pick-me-up, what do you reach for? (i.e. a health food/unhealthy food/drink, or do you grab your running shoes?)

MC: Depending on how I'm feeling exercise has always been a great pick-me-up, if I'm too tired, a nice massage, a bit of online shopping! Or something sweet with a cup of tea usually does the trick.

I think the most important thing I've learnt after years of being incredibly hard on myself is to be kind. We all need to be kinder to ourselves.

I recently took myself off to a wonderful retreat in Northamptonshire, Homefield Grange. I was pampered for two days with lovely treatments and delicious juices and raw food, I loved it, just what I needed!

OB: What are your staple foods that are always in your fridge or cupboards?

MC: I've been trying to be more varied with the fruit and veg that I buy. I think it's so easy to get stuck in a rut of eating the same thing week in week out.

I'll always have almond milk in. I love Rude Health's it's delicious. I have lots of cereals, grains and pulses to make my own granolas, risottos and dhals. I do eat meat but I've started cooking more vegetarian recently.

I love Booja Booja ice cream, I always have some in the freezer so delicious and dairy and sugar free! Coyo yoghurts are amazing too. There are so many healthy alternatives on the market now you never have to feel deprived!

Eating well makes me feel good, I have a very active 5 year old and sometimes it's tough keeping up with her, I've learnt looking after myself helps me look after her and I am enjoying teaching her about nutrition, she's a great eater.

OB: Ah, such a lovely thought to end the interview on. Thanks Melanie! 

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