The Quick and Easy Way to a Sparkling Smile

Imagine your mouth gleaming like a toothpaste ad, your visits to the dentist always resulting in a pat on the back, and never worrying about bad breath, plaque, a furry tongue or bleeding gums? 
And what if we told you this is actually pretty easy to achieve, without very much effort or expense? 

We reveal the deeper benefits of oil pulling and how to do it: 

Oil Pulling is an Ayurvedic practice that you might have heard of before... it’s nothing complicated, you just swish a teapoon of cold-pressed oil around in your mouth for 15mins. The oil increases saliva and draws out bacteria and other toxins from your mouth, trapping them and allowing you to get rid, leaving a clean and shiny smile. 
"Get a healthy smile by swishing a tsp of organic coconut oil around your mouth for 15mins."
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The benefits are where it gets exciting, these include: 
  • Eradicating bad breath
  • Reducing and preventing plaque
  • Improving health of gums
  • Reducing teeth sensitivity
  • Helping with allergies
Science is now linking systemic problems like heart disease, stroke and diabetes to the state of our oral health, so the benefits could extend far beyond our mouths. 

Why try oil pulling?

We love going down the natural route at OB, so using freshly pressed oil and avoiding abrasive techniques and alcohol-based, brightly coloured mouthwashes (is the neon shade really necessary!?) is surely worth a try. 
"Avoid abrasive, chemical mouthwashes and teeth products, and get better results with oil pulling!"
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The great effects you can expect are: whiter teeth, very healthy gums that don't bleed or become sensitive (even at the dentist’s), a clean, fur-free tongue, and fresh breath.  

There’s nothing to stop you trying this easy, safe and effective way of improving your beautiful smile, check out our simple guidelines and get pulling!  
The simple rules of oil pulling: 

  • It’s best first thing in the morning, before eating, drinking or brushing your teeth. 
  • Only use high quality virgin, cold pressed oils – sesame is the traditional choice, but we like coconut because it has extra anti-microbial benefits. 
  • Spit out the oil into the bin – not down the sink as it can block the pipes. 
  • Don’t swallow the oil as you’ll be ingesting the toxins and bacteria that you’ve released. 
  • You can add a drop of essential oil such as lavender or tea tree to your base oil to increase the benefits. Lavender is good for circulation and tea tree offers protection against infection.  
  • Swish for anything between 5 and 20 minutes.   
  • Rinse your mouth with clean water and then brush as normal. 

By Organic Burst Nutritionist Claire Marlow

Claire Marlow BA (Hons), DipIONFdSc, mBANT is a nutritionist at Organic Burst. Her interest is in restoring one’s control of their state of health, believing that there are too many people, especially in big cities today, ‘surviving’ rather than ‘living’. Claire has been featured in many publications such as Marie Claire, Women’s Fitness, Top Sante, Now, Natural Health, Daily Express and more. 

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