Solving Summer Skin Problems

Even if you’re a sun lover, your skin may not feel the same way towards the heat. Warm weather can cause flare-ups of some skin conditions, especially rosacea and redness that tend to become more obvious because the fine blood vessels near the surface of our skin expand to release heat. Inflammation is a process by which our immune system deals with irritation as well as the beginning of the healing action, it can cause redness, rashes and blemishes as well as being involved in other conditions such as eczema. 

Getting to grips with skin conditions means calming the immune response, which can be approached via the diet, but also remember to use products that nourish the skin without irritation. Sarah Brown, founder of Pai Skincare is an expert in sensitive and unpredictable skin, and has shared some fantastic tips and recommendations for dealing with summer flare-ups, so no more red faces! 

Cool it

Calming down your enraged immune system can start internally. Do this by avoiding foods that may be causing you sensitivities (often wheat, dairy and soy can cause reactions) and eating more easily digested, gentle, nourishing and cooling foods. Cucumber is an absolutely wonderful skin food, especially in summer, because it is cooling, hydrating and full of the mineral silica an important nutrient in skin and connective tissue. Make some peppermint tea and let it cool and drink chilled for a cleansing, soothing alternative to hot black tea or coffee that dilates the blood vessels making redness worse. 

Sarah says: “Keeping delicate skin cool is key to helping it stay calm and under control. Many skin conditions including eczema, urtcaria and rosacea are triggered or exacerbated by heat and sunlight, (the word eczema actually comes from the Greek meaning 'to boil over'). So sticking to the shade on hot days, and sheltering under an oh-so-chic wide brimmed hat is a good idea. 

To help take the heat and irritation out of inflamed skin, try spritzing our Lotus & Orange Blossom BioAffinity Skin Tonic over the skin. This innovative facial spritz contains the unique ‘living waters’ of the Lotus plant, which has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and actively inhibits the molecule which causes the skin to flare which reduces redness.”

Perfect pH 

Improve the acid/alkaline balance in your body to improve the condition of your skin. This means eating more greens. Add supergreens such as Organic Burst Wheatgrass that has an alkalising effect, thanks to its  chlorophyll content. Take a teaspoon in a glass of water with lemon juice a few times per day. The added benefit of lemon juice is that it is a natural alkaliser (even though it starts as acidic, the overall physiological effect of drinking lemon water is alkalising due to its rich mineral content). 

Sarah says: “A slightly alkaline diet can be a huge help to those who suffer from inflammatory skin conditions, particularly eczema. I have found it really beneficial to my urticaria; in addition to taking Wheatgrass and Chlorella supplements I also try and add some green to every meal – even a simple side salad can help alkalise a dish. But be aware of the natural salicylate content of your food, as certain skin conditions do not respond well to them.” 

Great flora

Get your gut healthy to support summer skin by improving the balance of bacteria with natural yoghurt, fermented foods like sauerkraut and avoiding sugar, which feeds the wrong type of bacteria that triggers inflammation and toxins that affect your skin. Organic Burst Chlorella benefits the balance of gut flora, and many of our customers notice a decided improvement in their digestive health. Go for 4 tablets or a teaspoon each day with water or mixed into a smoothie – or even try some of our chlorella recipes here

Unload your burden

The toxins we eat and are exposed to via our environment can overload the liver and cause the skin to try to eliminate, which can affect the health of our pores. Get your liver working at full speed by giving it the support it needs! Drink plenty of fluids, herbal teas and including Organic Burst Chlorella daily for its amazing detox promoting effect. Toxins can be reduced by eating whole, natural foods and steering well clear of packaged foods, too much alcohol, caffeine, medications and synthetic chemicals in cosmetics. 

Feed your face 

Focus on nutrients that strengthen the skin including Vitamins A and C by eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, our wheatgrass is a rich source of Vitamin A, and Organic Burst Baobab has x6 more Vitamin C than oranges. The nutrients that promote healing include zinc and essential fatty acids. Due to its zinc and Vitamin B2 content, our chlorella helps promote radiant skin, you can increase your levels even more by eating seafood, turkey and Brazil nuts. The essential fats that are effective at reducing inflammation and helping to form new skin cells are found in oily fish, coconut oil, walnuts and flax seeds. Organic Burst Acai is rich in Omegas-3-6 and -9 and it is widely recommend by beauty experts around the world as part of a daily beauty regime. 

Sarah says: "As Claire mentions, Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), or Omegas are the building blocks of healthy skin. While it’s important to nourish your body internally with these fats, you can also benefit from applying them topically. Our Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil is bursting with Omegas 3, 6, 7 & 9 which along with naturally occurring Vitamin A, helps to regenerate lacklustre or damaged skin. Skincare products high in EFAs coupled with an Omega-rich diet is a recipe that feeds the skin both inside and out.” 

Here's hoping for a gorgeous summer of cool, calm, nourished and hydrated skin! 

By Organic Burst Nutritionist Claire Marlow

Claire Marlow BA (Hons), DipIONFdSc, is a nutritionist at Organic Burst. Her interest is in restoring one’s control of their state of health, believing that there are too many people, especially in big cities today, ‘surviving’ rather than ‘living’. Claire has been featured in many publications such as Marie Claire, Women’s Fitness, Top Sante, Now, Natural Health, Daily Express and more. 

With Contributions from Pai Skincare Founder Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown is the founder of Pai Skincare, the certified organic, award-winning range specialising in sensitive skin. Sarah started Pai as a solution to her own skin sensitivities after becoming disillusioned with the natural and organic products on the market. Almost eight years on, and the range sold in eighteen countries worldwide and is loved by a-listers including Natalie Portman, as well as thousands of sensitive skinned-souls around the world.

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