When Is the Best Time To Take Spirulina?

Maximise the benefits of your Spirulina by taking it during the below times:

In The Morning

Taking your Spirulina consistently each morning guarantees your daily intake of its valuable nutrients for an energy boost and incredible long-term benefits.⁠

  • Hair growth and thickness: Get all the essential amino acids, iron and zinc you need for gorgeous, thick, fast-growing hair. Plus, its true Vitamin B12 can help fight the grays.⁠
  • Strong immune system: Our Spirulina contains Vitamins B6, B12 and iron to naturally help your body produce immune cells to kill off bugs. In fact, the latest study from February 2020 found a compound in Spirulina can boost the immune system response to RNA viral infections.⁠
  • Energise and clear brain fog: Kick start your day with the incredible complex of B Vitamins in Spirulina that helps you make energy in your actual cells! The B Vits, are key for a healthy brain and better focus, so can really help that morning brain fog.⁠⁠

How to take in the mornings:

  • Whizz up 1tsp of our Spirulina into your breakfast smoothie, juice, pre-workout shake, or simply pop x4 of our pure, easy-swallow tablets – they’re super gentle on the tummy!⁠

Before Meals

🍲 When you take your Spirulina before main meals, it can change the way your body processes the food!⁠

  • Weight loss aid: Spirulina has been found to increase insulin sensitivity – meaning you gain energy from food more efficiently and store less as fat.⁠
  • Prevent over-eating: Our Spirulina is rich in highly absorbable protein to help you to feel satiated at meals and keeps you going for longer – so you won’t snack while waiting for your food to cook!⁠
  • Boost iron levels: By having your Spirulina before a meal, you’ll get an easily digestible dose of energising iron straight into your system with no side effects (unlike iron tablets). It’s a whole food source that your body recognises and can utilise straight away.⁠

How to take before meals:

  • Take 1tsp of our Spirulina in a glass of lemon water, or x4 pure, easy-swallow tablets 1hr-30mins before your main meals.⁠

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