Top Hacks To Get Rid Of Eye Bags

Here are some simple ways to tackle the underlying causes of eye bags for a lighter, brighter look!

Have Chlorella

Eye bags are often a sign our detoxification organs, including our kidneys, liver and skin are struggling to keep up. Chlorella supports these organs and is proven to remove various toxins from the body.

  • Take 1-2 servings of Organic Burst Chlorella daily – ours is grown in the purest conditions on a beautiful organic farm in Southern Taiwan, free from toxins like heavy metals that could make eye bags worse.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine eye bags are related to poor kidney health; Cucumbers contain important minerals for kidney health: iron, calcium, zinc, selenium and potassium.🥒 Their high water content also helps flush out toxins.

Take Maca to deal with stress

Chronic stress and fatigue are known to cause eye bags, Organic Burst Maca is an adaptogen that can help us deal with stress and gives natural energy. This amazing root nourishes the pituitary, our master gland, to stimulate production of hormones at the correct levels.

  • Side note: puffy eyes can be a result of fluid retention that we often get around our periods so balancing hormones can work on this contributing factor too! 🙌

Quit smoking

Smoking adds to our toxic load and causes free radical damage in the body. This includes visible damage to the delicate skin around the eyes. Weaker, damaged, thinner skin in this area leads to bags.

Limit alcohol

How alcohol makes bags worse: it is a toxin, it causes dehydration that leads to fluid retention because the body tries to hang on to water when it’s scarce, and it disrupts sleep. Try to stick to 1-2 drinks and have plenty of water before and after.

  • #Tip: take 1 serving of Chlorella before and 1 after drinking alcohol. 🍷

Facial yoga

Like the rest of our bodies, exercising the face improves blood flow to the area, delivering oxygen and nutrients, while removing toxins. Facial yoga techniques can also strengthen the muscle tone around the eyes, this means tighter skin and less fluid will be able pool in the area ☺️

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