The Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance that Maca Can Help With

Hormonal issues affect both women and men. Stress, sugar, caffeine, digestive issues, toxins, and more, can cause a hormonal imbalance. The symptoms here are signs that they’re misbehaving!😱⁠


Maca helps your body naturally regain balance, often very quickly helping to resolve symptoms. It nourishes and stimulates the pituitary gland – our master gland – helping it produce the correct amount of hormones needed by the individual person.⁠

What goes wrong with hormones?⁠

  • Painful, heavy and long periods can be a result of high estrogen levels, thanks to xenoestrogens from plastics and pesticides in food, and other causes such as the liver and bowel failing to eliminate excess hormones efficiently. Maca is very effective at normalising periods.⁠
  • If your periods are rare or irregular, which may be caused by an excess of ‘male’ hormones (androgens), Maca is equally good at helping to normalise the cycle. These imbalances between ‘male’ and ‘female’ hormones is frequently the cause of facial breakouts and excess body and facial hair on women. Maca has helped so many Bursters with these issues!⁠
  • Fluctuations and deficiencies in hormones are common causes of mood swings, hot flashes, hair fall, and even a receding hairline. Hair fall is a common symptom of having low thyroid hormones, which can come about when you’re under heavy stress, have gut inflammation or autoimmune issues. Maca is an incredible support here too, as it helps increase production of hormones that are too low.⁠
  • Sex drive and making babies are probably two of the first ever uses of Maca. It’s traditionally given to newlyweds in Peru. By helping to regulate our entire hormonal system, Maca can truly get you back in the saddle, so to speak!

However, not all Maca is made equal:

The effects you experience depend on Maca types, where and how they're grown and processed.⁠

Organic Burst Maca is an authentic Peruvian preparation and a mix of 4 Maca plant varieties💎 grown at altitudes of 14,000+ ft above sea level for ultimate effects.⁠

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