Should I Take Turmeric or Maca for Hormonal Balance?

Both our Turmeric and Maca are incredible at tackling these problems, but they work in completely different ways. Here’s how to choose which is best for you: ⁠


Many of these symptoms occur because hormonal imbalances cause the immune system to pump inflammatory chemicals around the body, triggering pain, redness and swelling. This includes period cramps, headaches, migraines, bloating and skin flare-ups.⁠

Organic Burst Turmeric has extraordinarily high amounts of antioxidants that help to switch off the over-stimulation of the immune system. It is the perfect Burst to take for some fast relief – simply mix 1-2tsp in a cup of plant mylk 🥛 and a dash of maple syrup.⁠

Numerous studies have found the powerful compound in Turmeric, curcumin, can lift mood and boost motivation and positivity. It can really help you stay strong when overwhelmed. It’s also been found reduce the severity of PMS symptoms in women (Source: Complementary Therapies In Medicine Journal 2015).⁠


Hormonal symptoms are often triggered by stress, caffeine, or a high sugar and fast carb diet. Maca is a powerful adaptogen, meaning it helps the body cope with stress. It gets to work on our “master gland” - the pituitary, helping it stimulate the other glands in the body to produce hormones at the correct levels .⁠

This means if estrogen is too low and androgens (‘male hormones’) are too high, Maca will address the imbalance, helping symptoms like irregular or lack of periods, hormonal breakouts and hair fall.⁠

If estrogen is too high, periods can be incredibly painful and heavy, and there is an increased risk of fibroids and endometriosis. Organic Burst Maca has helped so many women with these symptoms because it does not contain external plant oestrogens (that you find in yams, black cohosh and flax), so it cannot increase “undesired” hormones.⁠

Maca can increase sex drive for both men and women, and has been used traditionally in Peru for helping couples conceive for hundreds of years.⁠


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