Not all Maca Is Created Equal

Did you know there are 4 different colour varieties of Maca, it grows at high altitudes and is often industrially treated to remove flavour?⁠

Here’s how ours differs from many Maca products commonly sold in shops:⁠

Plant varieties⁠

Maca is an adaptogenic root with 4 different colour varieties: white, red, black and purple. Many Maca products use only the common yellow Maca and sometimes single colours, but ours is a mix of all 4 to ensure a mellow, yummy taste and the full breadth of benefits, including:⁠

  • Reducing stress levels⁠
  • Balancing hormones⁠
  • Helping couples conceive⁠
  • Boosting libido⁠
  • Energy and endurance⁠

Where it’s grown⁠

Maca is native to the Peruvian Andes, where it survives harsh conditions – the higher the altitude, the greater the benefits it gives when you eat it. High quality Maca is grown at altitudes of 9,800ft, but ours is grown at over 14,000ft above sea level! However, many other Maca is grown at lower altitudes where there is more readily available land.⁠


Our indigenous harvesting community use a traditional Peruvian preparation to make Maca that tastes amazing with malty notes and hints of caramel and is incredibly effective – we have soooo many testimonials on how it helps our Bursters. Here’s how they make it so good:⁠

  • Sun dried for 10 days⁠
  • Fermented for 30 days in special solar tents where its starches get pre-digested and develop yummy malty caramel flavours.⁠
  • Washed and heated to destroy any bacteria⁠
  • Milled into a fine powder⁠

Other Macas can be simply dried and milled without our special fermentation step, leading to a product that is hard on the tummy and tastes bad.⁠

Gelatinized Maca is boiled in a factory to breakdown starches and remove taste. Poorer quality Maca has a bitter taste, so gelatinization fixes this😟. Unfortunately the process destroys glucosinolates, which are special compounds (also found in broccoli and kale) linked to Maca’s hormone balancing benefits.⁠

Check out how our Peruvian farmers harvest our 4-variety Maca below!

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