A Simple Cooking Hack To Get the Most Benefits From Sweet Potatoes

The skin of the sweet potato contains almost 10 x more antioxidants than the inner part of this delicious and versatile veg. Here are the benefits and how this cool hack maximises them.⚡⁠

Sweet potato is an incredible source of the antioxidant nutrient beta carotene, as well as Vitamins C and E – also antioxidants. In fact, a 2007 study on sweet potatoes at Louisiana State University found its “antioxidant capacity…comparable to that of blueberry”.⁠

The Benefits⁠

  • Healthy skin: Sweet potato is amazing if you are prone to pimples or dark spots as the high level of beta carotene encourages regeneration of skin cells; new cells literally push out dark spots and damaged skin! Plus, the Vitamin C is vital for producing new collagen to stay looking youthful.⁠
  • Clear vision: Beta carotene can protect the surface of the eye from oxidative stress caused by strong sunlight and airborne pollution. It can help with dry eyes, decrease the risk of vision loss, and even help night vision. ⁠
  • Strong lungs: Beta carotene is strongly associated with protecting the delicate tissue of the lungs. An 8 year study in the medical journal Thorax (2006) concluded that it protects against the decline in lung capacity.⁠

How to and other helpers:⁠

  • For even bigger gains, boil your skin-on sweet potato rather than steaming or roasting. Boiling was found to preserve the highest amount of beta carotene in a study published in the Journal of Plant Foods for Human Nutrition (2012).⁠
  • Chop into chunks and boil for 10 mins or so – it’s ready when a knife can slide in easily.⁠
  • Drizzling olive oil (or another good fat or your choice) once it’s cooked is a great way to enhance the absorption of beta-carotene, as it’s fat soluble.⁠
  • Try mashing your potato once boiled with some Organic Burst Turmeric or Cinnamon to boost the levels of antioxidants and phenomenal effects even further.⁠


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