6 Common Iron Deficiency Symptoms & Top Iron-Rich Foods

Did you know that iron deficiency is the most common nutrient disorder in the world? You or someone close has probably experienced some of these 6 symptoms:

Why is iron such an important nutrient?⁠

Iron helps deliver oxygen around the body. So, the noticeable benefits of having good levels include sky-rocketing energy, strong hair and nails, and a really effective immune system too.⁠

Popping an iron pill isn’t always the answer:⁠

Many iron supplements are hard to digest, don’t absorb and can cause constipation or stomach upset. Commercial, lab-made supplements also often contain unwanted additives, like binders, fillers and preservatives.⁠

(However, if your health practitioner has tested your levels and recommended supplementation, go for a high quality format that your body recognises such as iron bisglycinate rather than iron sulfate, as well as eating plenty of the below!) ⁠

Eat 3-4 servings of your choice of these iron-rich whole foods daily:⁠

  • Spirulina 💕 - a valuable source of easily absorbable iron. Organic Burst Spirulina is grown in pure mineral water and tested free from toxins including heavy metals, chemical fertilisers and algal toxins.⁠
  • Chlorella 💕 - contains naturally bioavailable iron and ours provides almost 2x more nutrients 💎 due to a patented process of cracking its tough cell wall.⁠
  • Dried Apricots 💕 - go for the natural ones free from sulphur dioxide.⁠
  • Tempeh 💕 – delicious fermented soya beans. It’s also great for your gut bacteria, which helps nutrient absorption.⁠
  • Hummus 💕 – made with sesame paste (tahini) and chickpeas, which are both great sources of iron.⁠
  • Spinach 💕– perfect iron addition to your smoothies or meals. Try the Tropical Superfood Smoothie Bowl on our wellness hub Choc and Juice.
  • Mushrooms 💕– go for any variety but morels are the highest in iron if you can get these!⁠
  • Sun-dried tomatoes 💕– so tasty and perfect to boost flavour in a plant-based dish.⁠

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