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Acai Spirulina Chlorella Baobab Wheatgrass Maca

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Spring Skincare Tips by Abigail James

The change of seasons calls for a change in your skincare routine! International facialist Abigail James shares her top tips on how to get your glow back after winter.

Beautify Your Skin From Within

Would you like to improve your skin? Changes in your diet can make a large difference. This month is beauty focus at Organic Burst so our nutritionist Claire Harper is sharing her top skin food recommendations.

The Organic Burst Smoothie by Ella Woodward

Ella is a well-known health food blogger at Deliciously Ella. We love this easy and nutritious smoothie that Ella made for you using Organic Burst superfoods.

Tropical Superfood Smoothie Bowl by McKel Hill

McKel is a Dietitian, Health & Wellness Coach, and food blogger at Nutrition Stripped. Try this smoothie bowl that McKel created with Organic Burst superfoods!

The "Be Smart Eat Smart" Superfood Recipe

Ivana and Karolina at Be Smart Eat Smart, well-known health food chefs from Germany, have made this delicious main course especially for you using Organic Burst superfoods.

Superfood Chocolate Porridge by Saskia

Saskia is a real health wonder-girl. She is a ballet dancer and Food Editor of Hip & Healthy, the online health and wellbeing magazine. Saskia created this yummy warming superfood breakfast just for you.

Hazelnut Chocolate Maca Mousse by Danijela Unkovich

Danijela is a health food gem from New Zealand, helping people optimise their health through food. She's created this amazing superfood dessert just for you!

Stay Sharp Be Strong

We chat with Nikki Sharp, ex-international model turned health guru with a large global following. Nikki shares her story, her formula for looking stunning and some tips for achieving your goals this year.

Achieving A Lean Beautiful Body

How can Pilates help you achieve a lean beautiful body? We asked Chloe Hodgson, the Pilates Specialist at prestigious Lomax Gym, to answer the most frequently asked questions on Pilates and share her wellness tips.

4 Top Tips for Reducing Tummy Fat

It’s time to get into shape and lose that tummy fat once and for all. Lucy Howlett, a well-known UK personal trainer, yoga and dance instructor shares her top tips.

How To Change Your Life This Year

Is improving your diet and lifestyle on the list of New Year’s resolutions? Polly Noble shares her tips – her inspirational journey began when she started healing her cancer as naturally as possible...

How to Feel Fantastic This Xmas

How to have a wonderful festive period, feel full of energy and not regret all the eating and drinking afterwards? Find out these top tips from nutritional therapist Claire Harper at the Nutrition Guide.

Spirulina Truffles – A Healthy Snack That Fights Sugar Cravings

An easy recipe by our naturopath Veronique. Doesn't add to your waistline and thanks to our spirulina, keeps those sugar cravings at bay!

How to Look Like a Supermodel?

Russell Bateman is a celebrity trainer for supermodels and actresses and the founder of The SBC - The Skinny Bitch Collective. We have a chat about his unique approach and hear his tips on looking like a supermodel.

Gorgeous posture, here we come!

Lynne Robinson, the world’s top-selling Pilates author, whose name has become synonymous with Pilates, shares her top exercises with us so that your posture is always correct and gorgeous!

Maca Energy Balls

These maca energy balls are super healthy. Rich in minerals and omega-3s they are a perfect beauty and mood food, plus they’re amazingly easy to make. They only take about five minutes and last a couple of weeks. Enjoy!

Fuel for a Positive Morning - Acai Berry & Baobab Recipe

This delicious acai berry and baobab breakfast bowl recipe by blogger Ella Woodward will brighten up your morning giving long-lasting energy, great mood and glowing skin.

Guilt-Free Pampering

Meet Nicola Elliott, founder of luxury body care and home fragrances NEOM Organics and fan of Organic Burst. In her post, Nicola tells us all about guilt-free pampering.

Amelia's Strawberry Milkshake

Amelia Freer, a leading nutritional therapist and expert, created this yummy dairy-free recipe for us - bursting with nutrients it's a perfect healthy treat for kids and adults!

The Surfer's Fuel

Matt Smith is a professional surfer, sailor and environmentalist who has travelled over 30,000 sea miles in the past 11 years driven by his love for the ocean and exploration. He shares his story with OB and tells us what powers his body and mind.

Organic Burst TV With Christine Bailey

To mark the launch of OB TV, we teamed up with Christine Bailey, leading nutritional expert, chef and author who tells us all about superfoods and how to take them.

The Secrets To Quitting Sugar!

Do you find yourself craving sugar? Then read this post from nutritional health coach Madeleine Shaw on identifying the hidden sugars in your diet and quitting the habit once and for all.

Geeta's Afternoon Boost Smoothie

Geeta Sidhu-Robb, the smoothie queen and founder of Nosh Detox, shares her nourishing Afternoon Boost smoothie recipe, full of Vitamin C, protein, good fats and iron.

Can't Wait To Hit The Beach?

Then follow the tips in this fun post by nutritional therapist Claire Harper to say good-bye to jetlag, dry skin and the negative effects of those holiday over-indulgences.

A Supermodel's Beauty Prescription

Valentina Zelyaeva, world famous fashion model and the face of Ralph Lauren for over a decade shares her beautifying and revitalising recipe with Organic Burst Baobab!

Love Your Body This Summer!

Charli Cohen, personal trainer, sportswear designer and blogger for the Huffington Post, shares her top five tips to stay motivated over the coming months and feel confident, healthy and gorgeous this summer!

The Green Smoothie

Tanya Carpenter, a Body Control Pilates teacher who loves to run, practice yoga & live a happy healthy life, shares her wonderful “green” recipe with us.

A Hub of Knowledge in Natural Health

Are you interested in naturopathy, herbal medicine or homeopathy? How about natural skincare, cooking healthy or perhaps kinesiology?

Spirulina - The Story Behind the Miracle Algae

"Tecuitlatl" of the Aztecs and the UN solution to global malnutrition - read the enchanting story of the algae that have existed since life first formed.

Top Tips for Healthy Joints

Most people wrongly believe that as we get older our joints deteriorate and not much can be done about it. Our naturopath Veronique Soignot gives her top tips.

Top Slimming Tips

Are you looking for a new diet to get rid of some of that winter excess? Our naturopath, Veronique Soignot shares her top slimming tips with us which cannot fail to help.

A Winter's Glow

Is the weather getting the better of your skin? Gemma Bolton, beauty and wellbeing writer and author of Buff Beauty Blog, shares her tips on how to maintain that "glow" throughout the winter.