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Katie Pietka
on Instagram:

"Your products have brought me back to life. I just had a baby 9 months ago and was feeling sluggish, tired and sad, not to mention my hormones were all over the place! I started taking maca, baobab and spirulina and after a month am energized without caffeine (as I am still breastfeeding) and my hormones are level and in check. I feel happy and ready to take on the day with my kids. These products have been the natural health cure for me. A game changer in my life."

Chelsea Kowalczyk
on Instagram:

"I have seen an incredible change in my energy levels throughout the day. I don't get the 'afternoon yawns' anymore! My workouts have also changed dramatically. I have more strength and endurance during cardio and weights. My skin, hair and metabolism have all improved a great deal since using #organicbusrt ! I definitely recommend these products to anybody looking to improve their overall health and energy."

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Get your pure and powerful superfoods wherever you are! We ship around the world and already have customers in 88 countries! See our Delivery Page for shipping durations to your country.

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Supporting Indigenous People, The Planet and Biodiversity

All Organic Burst ingredients are sourced directly from small organic producers or cooperatives of small organic farmers around the world. Sales from our products bring life-changing income and support the development of local communities.

Certified Organic

Every grower and producer of Organic Burst is Certified Organic, meaning there are no pesticides, herbicides, chemicals or any other nasties added at any stage! This benefits your health, the beautiful plants and vast variety of animals that thrive on our farms!

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WhatsApp us on +447495628126!


iMessage us on or shoot an SMS to +447495628126.

Web Chat

Just click on the "Message" button in the corner of your screen!


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