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“I truly don’t remember the last time I felt this amazing… These products have completely changed me into the best version of myself. Thank you guys”

@morenike517, Organic Burst customer on Instagram

Looking for a job that comes with more than just a paycheck - where your work will help directly transform the wellbeing of thousands of people across 136 countries? You're in the right place! ❤️

What We Do

At Organic Burst we're passionate about transforming the wellbeing of people all across the globe through healthy eating and living.

We discover and source only the highest quality and most powerful superfoods directly from small-scale producers - benefiting hundreds of families in their communities and helping to preserve our blue planet.

We spread ancient wisdom of the healing power of natural foods as well as the latest word of science on healthy living to our worldwide audience across 136 countries!

Nutrition & Wellbeing Content Creator

We’re looking for a certified nutritionist or naturopath who is creative, an excellent communicator and a natural writer, to join our Marketing team – working remotely 🙌.

Job Description

  • Generating content ideas.
  • Creating content across our marketing channels.
  • Liaising with external parties for collaborative marketing activities.

Experience / Education:

  • University degree.
  • Qualification in nutrition or naturopathy.
  • Experience working in a professional environment.


  • A strong interest in health and wellbeing as well as helping others.
  • Up to date with the latest trends and developments in health and wellbeing.
  • Has a natural talent for writing.
  • Thorough, meticulous and high attention to detail.
  • Excellent time management, planning, organising and task prioritisation.
  • Calm and relaxed while working under pressure in case of sudden or tight deadlines.
  • A power-user of social media.
  • A quick learner and enjoys a steep learning curve.
  • Always keen for feedback.

Bonus Skills

  • Commercial copywriting knowledge.

Working Hours

Both full-time and part-time will be considered.


Working remotely.

Other Requirements

Applicants welcome from anywhere in the world.

How To Apply?

Email us your CV along with your answers to the below challenges:

Challenge 1

Write your own version of the caption for the following Instagram posts:

Challenge 2

Edit and correct the below text:

We’ve all been seduced by sexier, trendier fruits than the humble orange, but science has discovered these humble benefits that deserve some serious kudos…

Chronic conditions such as IBS, endometriosis, arthritis, diabetes, etc. all involve chronic inflammation that has got out of control so its good to know that orange juice reduces too important markers of inflammation – ‘C-reactive protein’ and ‘fibrinogen’ levels. (Source: British Journal of Nutrition 2009)

Another study in a American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2010) found that orange juice “neutralizes the proinflammatory effect of a high-fat, high-carbohydrate meal.” Perfect if for your meal you’ve made a sketchy meal choice!

Natural compounds found in oranges - naringin and neohesperidin - can effectively reduce the blood sugar levels, which leads to increased metabolism and weight loss. Yessss!

Also, studies have linked oranges to reduced states of inflammation which can be the root cause of many common ailments too.

Melatonin are our natural sleepy hormone, which we should produce plenty of each evening but screen-time and artificial light block this and many of us have much less than we should for a optimal sleep, but the good news is, oranges contain melatonin, and the Thai study found they increased melatonin in bloodstream by 47% too! (Source: Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 2013)

Challenge 3

Summarise the findings of the below study in your own words (for a lay reader):

Send your CV and answers to