Travel Healthy Bundle

Let’s Fly Away! Get to enjoy your holiday to the full with our Travel Healthy Bundle!

How To Take Your Bundle

You can take your Travel Healthy Bundle however suits you. You make the rules! But we have some awesome suggestions for you to get the most from your Bursts:

Start with 1 serving of each per day (the serving is stated on the packaging of each product). Feel free to continue on 1 serving, or increase to 2 servings for a boost after 2 weeks.

Have no time? Take a 1 serving of each acai, baobab and spirulina together with your meal throughout your holiday.

Before you go: this is a bonus, but don’t worry if you start taking your bundle on your holiday only.

Take 1 serving of Acai Berry each evening for 1-2 weeks before you go away to start building up a store of polyphenols – you may notice a radiant glow!

Remember: you can always customize your bundle should you wish. Just press the "customize" icon before adding to cart.

Morning: Acai and/or Spirulina

Have 1 serving spirulina upon rising. If you have Organic Burst Spirulina powder then mix with a glass of water and squeeze some lemon/lime juice in it.

Have 1 serving Acai with brekkie (if you have Organic Burst Acai powder add 1 serving to your breakfast porridge, yogurt or smoothie bowl)

Day: Baobab

Pop 2 servings of baobab into 16oz (500ml) bottle of water to keep you hydrated and energized through the day. This is really important when you’re in a hot country as you lose so much more water.

Evening: Acai and/or Baobab

Give your skin a nourishing boost with our after-sun face mask recipe:

Polyphenols and Vitamin E from Organic Burst Acai Berry, and Vitamin C from our Baobab powder both work to protect skin cells from free radical damage, plus the natural yoghurt cools and soothes parched skin. 

  • x3 Organic Burst Acai capsules
  • 1 tsp Organic Burst Baobab
  • 1 tbsp natural yoghurt
  • Open the acai capsules and tip out the contents into a small bowl, mix with the remaining ingredients and apply all over your face. Leave for 15 mins or longer.

Take 4 Acai Berry capsules each evening for 1-2 weeks before you go away to start building up a store of polyphenols – you may notice a radiant glow!

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