Get The Glow Bundle

Get a natural glow (without any make-up) and beautiful clear skin (+ get those compliments flowing!)!

How To Take Your Bundle

You can take your Get The Glow Bundle whenever and however suits you. You make the rules! But we have some awesome suggestions for you to get the most from your Bursts:

Start with 1 serving of each per day (the serving is stated on the packaging of each product). Feel free to continue on 1 serving, or increase to 2 servings for a boost after 2 weeks.

Have no time? Mix 1 serving of each: wheatgrass, acai and baobab in your smoothie or juice or drink!

Remember: you can always customize your bundle should you wish. Just press the "customize" icon before adding to cart.

Morning: Wheatgrass and/or Acai

Revitalise and recharge with wheatgrass in a glass of water upon rising.

Take 1 serving of Organic Burst Acai with or after breakfast. Keep Acai capsules in your bathroom make-up bag not to forget to take them daily.

Day: Acai and/or Baobab

Make an acai bowl or smoothie by blending some berries, nut milk, 1/2 avocado and 1 serving Acai. You can even make this at home and take with you to work in mason jar.

Mix 1 serving of baobab in a glass of still/fizzy water and have after lunch (or mix into a bottle of water and sip throughout the afternoon).

Evening: Wheatgrass

Add 1/2 serving wheatgrass to your salad dressing or mix it into your guacamole or hummus dip.

Make a wheatgrass mask - blend avocado, some olive oil and wheatgrass and apply for 10-15 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water and feel how soft your skin is. You can add 1/2 serving baobab there too for extra antioxidant Vitamin C.

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