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“I was feeling sluggish, tired and sad, not to mention my hormones were all over the place…I started taking maca, baobab and spirulina and after a month am energized without caffeine and my hormones are level and in check. These products have been the game changer in my life.” Katie Michele Pietka, @katiemichelepietka

Get natural energy without crashing later, fight fatigue, feed your body with precious nutrients and more!

What's Inside?

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Known as Peruvian Ginseng, maca is a caffeine-free energiser that doesn’t spike your sugar levels or cause dehydration like tea, coffee and colas.

Maca helps increase strength, stamina and endurance, and is a great pre-workout fuel. It was taken by Inca warriors before going into battle.

Maca helps fight fatigue and balances your hormones, including your adrenal and thyroid hormones, the frequent culprits of energy slumps.


Baobab is a source of natural Vitamin C that your body understands (different to the synthetic Vitamin C made in a lab).

Baobab helps you convert food into energy and makes you feel alert and alive.

Our baobab also gives you iron so together with Vitamin C it’s a powerful combo for making you leap around like a springbok!


Contains an incredible 60-70% protein (compared to 27% in chicken!), with 18 amino acids including all the essential amino acids. It is the most digestible source of protein and exceptionally gentle on the stomach.

Our spirulina is a powerful source of iron that reduces tiredness and fatigue, as well as helping your metabolism work well, meaning sustained energy for you!

Get perfect energy levels from Vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12 in our spirulina

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Bundle

You can take your energy bundle whenever and however suits you, you create the rules! But we have some awesome suggestions to get the most from your superfoods:

Start with 1 serving of each per day. Feel free to continue on 1 serving, or increase to 2 servings to match your lifestyle goals after 2 weeks.

Morning: Maca

Wake up without caffeine by adding 1 serving of maca to your morning breakfast bowl.

Mix 1 serving of maca with a smoothie or warm nut milk for fast energy.

Pre-workout: add 1-2 servings of maca to your pre-workout shake.

Day: Spirulina and/or Baobab

Escape the afternoon slump with 1 serving of baobab in a glass of water 1 hour after lunch.

Working out? Take 1 serving of spirulina pre- and post-workout for fuel and recovery.

Struggling with cravings for sugary or salty snacks? Have 1 serving of spirulina between meals to resist snacking!

Evening: Spirulina and/or Baobab

Couldn’t avoid an unhealthy meal or alcohol? Have 1-2 servings of baobab after a meal or going out as the minerals help reduce over-acidity.

Prevent overeating with 1 serving of spirulina 1 hour before dinner to balance your food cravings. You may even skip dessert!

Need to feel extra sharp tomorrow? Boost with Vitamin B12 and iron by having 1 serving of spirulina 1 hour before dinner.

Bonus Benefits

Here are some awesome extra benefits of taking your Energy Bundle!

Put a spark in your sex life

Organic Burst Maca is known to increase sexual drive and performance in both men and women.


Do you forget to drink enough water? If you get dehydration headaches and your energy is wilting, add Organic Burst Baobab to your water bottle for great taste, hydration, plus magnesium to support your electrolyte balance.

Brain power

Organic Burst Spirulina is rich in Vitamin B6 and contains iron that support your brainpower; there’ll really be no stopping you with this bundle!

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