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“I love the effects so much. My tummy stops bloating, my digestion works better.” @pixie_dust1912

Make your tummy happy, go like clockwork, detox, and feel light with our pure natural superfoods!

What's Inside?

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Organic Burst Chia is easy on the whole digestive system without a hard outer shell that needs to be broken down, or even ground up before eating.

With their high Omega-3 content, Organic Burst Chia Seeds provide an essential component for cell membranes. Our bodies need Omega-3 when making new cells and this is especially important for our digestive tract where we renew at a faster pace than other tissues!

Thanks to the soluble fibre in Organic Burst Chia, the amazing gel-like substance it creates in water prolongs hydration, making it perfect for helping everything to move through your digestive system smoothly and regularly!

Acai Berry

Organic Burst Acai Berry contains antioxidant Vitamin E and polyphenols that are involved in helping your body deal with free radicals from chemicals in food that can trigger bloating and discomfort.

Our acai berry is rich in essential fatty acids, Omegas-3 -6 and contains omega-9 oleic acid that are nourishing and supportive for every cell in your body. Keeping you glowing through and through.

Our acai berry is specially freeze-dried to preserve its nutrients and is pure with no binders or fillers!


Feeling heavy and bloated like a beach ball? Help your tummy feel light, flat and happy with Organic Burst Chlorella. It balances your gut flora by normalising the benefitting the “good bacteria” in your gut.

Need a reboot? Get iron, Vitamin B6 and B12 that stimulate renewal of your cells and digestive tissues. Our chlorella is also a source of an incredible unique compound called Chlorella Growth Factor.

Detox and digestion go hand in hand, so support both with Organic Burst Chlorella that helps your liver, gallbladder and kidneys remove alcohol, heavy metals, pesticides and other toxins from your system.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Bundle

You can take your bundle whenever and however suits you. You make the rules! But we have some awesome suggestions for you to get the most from your Organic Burst superfoods:

Start with 1 serving of each per day. Feel free to continue on 1 serving, or increase to 2 servings for a boost after 2 weeks.

Morning: Chia and/or Chlorella

For regularity: soak 1 serving of chia seeds in a large glass of water overnight and have first thing in the morning, followed by more water and notice how it makes you feel!

Support your gut bacteria and help your liver and digestive system clear out toxins with 1 serving of chlorella first thing in the morning.

Super-charge your smoothies and shakes with 1 serving of our fiber-rich chia.

Day: Chlorella and/or Acai

Going out? Take 1 serving of chlorella to protect your digestive system against processed food or alcohol.

Supercharge with polyphenols by taking 1 serving of Acai with lunch – especially if you’re eating your lunch out: food in cafés and restaurants often contains pesticides and other chemicals.

Upset stomach? Help to get your gut bacteria back into balance with a serving of Organic Burst Chlorella.

Evening: Acai and/or Chia

Fill up on a protein-rich low-sugar chia pudding in the afternoon to curb evening chocolate cravings. Pre-make at home by mixing 1 serving Organic Burst Chia in ½ glass of cashew or coconut milk.

Bloated after eating the wrong foods? Take 1 serving of Organic Burst Acai Berry to top up your antioxidants.

Sprinkle our Omega-3 rich chia on your main course or mix into soup to help your body rejuvenate over night.

Bonus Benefits

Here are some awesome extra benefits of taking your Weight Loss Bundle!

Heavenly Hair

Get the natural nutrients your locks need to stay healthy, shiny and strong with biotin and copper from Organic Burst Chlorella.

Energize For A Tough Day

The Aztecs got their strength and energy from Chia Seeds, they would eat them before going to battle or before a big hunt.

Gorgeous Glow

Organic Burst Acai Berry is a beauty superfood, helping you to get your radiance back with essential fatty acids omegas-3-6 and omega-9 oleic acid.

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